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45+ Frugal And Clever Uses For Dawn Dish Soap



Clearly, Dawn dish soap is a godsend when it comes to washing dishes. It cuts grease, it smells good, and it doesn’t dry out your hands! What’s not to love? But – did you know that Dawn is capable of so much more than just getting rid of food scraps and grease?

You probably know that Dawn is used by veterinarians to remove oil from animals after oil spills but that’s just the beginning of its versatility. From insect repellent to tool cleaner and de-icer to unclogging toilets – Dawn is essentially a miracle product.

Keep reading to see how an inexpensive bottle of Dawn dish soap can make your life so much easier. Tip: Stock up on Dawn at the dollar store!



Source: HomeHacks




1) Remove oil stains from your driveway



“Squirt a large amount of Dawn soap onto the oil stain. Use a large bristle brush to scrub the stain until you start to see the oil pulling out of the asphalt. Rinse off with a hose and repeat this until the stain is gone,” explains Remove and Replace. Easy as that!







2) Make dish soap ice packs



Why would you add dish soap when you could just freeze water in a ziplock bag, right? Well, here’s a fun life hack that you might not know. When you freeze a mixture of Dawn soap and water, the soap prevents it from completely freezing. This makes it the perfect ice pack for wrapping around elbow, shoulders, and knees.




Source: Instructables



3) Get clean, clear, sparkling windows


Chaotically Creative says that this is, by far, the best way to clean your windows. In fact, she got this handy tip from a professional cleaning company, and now it’s the only method she’ll use. There are a few steps involved, but it’s actually really easy. Head over to the Chaotically Creative blog for the instructions




Source: Chaotically Creative

4) Simple DIY grill cleaner



Using Dawn’s grease and oil-fighting power, it’s the perfect way to clean your barbecue grill. Fill a bucket or sink with hot water and a squirt or two of Dawn soap. Let your grill racks soak for around 10-15 minutes, scrub, and rinse.




Source: DIY Network



5) Grout cleaner for tile



Don’t you just hate cleaning dirty tile and floor grout? It’s the worst. Thankfully, this chore can be made a lot easier with this simple trick. Place a cup of vinegar in the microwave for one minute and put in a spray bottle. Add one cup of Dawn soap to the spray bottle and give it a shake. Lightly spray the solution on your grout and let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing the dirt and grime away. Rinse with water and you’re done!




Source: Flickr



6) Easy-to-make carpet cleaner



If you have a nasty stain on your carpet, you don’t have to rush to the store for expensive carpet cleaners. This DIY concoction will have your carpets looking brand new in no time. In a spray bottle, mix 2 ounces of hydrogen peroxide and 1 ounce of Dawn dish soap. Spray the stain or problem area and scrub with a rag. Finish by spraying with plain water and scrubbing to remove any remnants of the stain as well as the soap.




Source: Money Smart Family



7) Homemade ant and insect repellent



Have you noticed ants crawling around your kitchen lately? Nip that problem in the bud with this simple Dawn soap solution. In a spray bottle, mix a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide, mouthwash, and Dawn dish soap. Spray the problem area and wait for about 5-10 minutes. After, simply wipe up the spray and the ants.



Source: Frugal and Thrifty



8) Brush and comb cleaner



Over time, oils and hair products build-up on our combs and brushes and they require a deep cleaning, and thankfully – there’s Dawn to the rescue! This simple DIY hack will require Dawn dish soap, Borax, and hot water. Head over to The Make Your Own Zone for their step-by-step instructions.




Source: The Make Your Own Zone



9) Toilet unclogger



If your toilet is clogged, Dawn can help treat this issue too. The grease-cutting properties of Dawn soap break down oils and other materials in the drain, helping to remove the clog. Just pour a pot of warm water in the towel and a few squirts of Dawn, plunge or flush away the clog.




Source: Pinterest



10) Non-toxic pest killer for garden


Avoid using nasty toxic chemicals in your garden and opt for Dawn dish soap instead. Although a Dawn and water mixture won’t kill all insects, it’s wonderful for repelling spider mites, aphids, and other common garden pests. Home Guides at SF Gate has more information.





Source: Survival Arena



11) DIY sidewalk and driveway de-icer



Make sure you don’t slip on an icy stoop or sidewalk by using a really effective Dawn mixture. Mix a teaspoon of Dawn soap with a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and a half gallon of warm water. Pour the warm mixture over the icy area and it will prevent the sidewalk or stoop from re-freezing.





Source: Flickr



12) Homemade flea bath


Flea medication can be expensive and rough on your dog’s skin and fur. Make a much less harsh, yet still effective, version using Dawn. Fill your bathtub with warm water and add one cup of Dawn dish soap. Soak your pet in the mixture for five minutes then give them a good scrub from head to toe. Let them dry and use a comb through their fur to remove the fleas.





Source: Cuteness



13) Eyeglass cleaner and de-fogger


Using a small spray bottle, create a mixture of one part water, one part rubbing alcohol, and a drop of Dawn dish soap. Spritz the mixture on your eyeglass and rub with a soft microfiber cloth. Your lenses will be crystal clear.





Source: Pinterest



14) Tool de-greaser


“It literally takes seconds to clean greasy tools with Dawn Dish Soap. Seconds,” Keenly Kristin’s blog says. All you need to do is put a tablespoon of Dawn in a gallon of hot water. Use a rag to instantly remove oil and grease from tools.





Source: Keenly Kristin



15) Homemade Dawn bubbles


Who doesn’t love playing with bubbles? Instead of spending money on pre-made bubbles, make your own! All you’ll need is a cup of Dawn, 6 cups of water, 1/4 cup of light corn syrup, and a container. First, put the water in the container and slowly add the soap while stirring, avoiding making it foam or bubble. Add the corn syrup, stir, and you’re good to go!





Source: PxHere



16) Get rid of excess hair color from hair



If you dye your hair at home, it’s easy to go a little overboard with the hair dye if you’re not a professional. For those that dye their hair dark, don’t fret if you’ve found the tone to be a bit darker than you wanted. Just use Dawn in place of your shampoo and it will lightly strip the color down to your desired shade.





Source: Wikimedia



17) Remove soap scum from tub


Dawn is a miracle worker when it comes to uses in the bathroom. One of those uses is removing soap scum. Simple pour liquid Dawn over the dirty area, let it sit overnight, then rinse clean with water the next morning. It cuts through scum, grease, and grime without harming the material.





Source: Pxhere



18) Wash your car


For a sparkling clean car, Dawn is the perfect answer. All you need to do is mix a tablespoon of Dawn dishwashing liquid to one gallon of water and use the soapy solution to scrub your car with a soft sponge or cloth. Keep in mind that Dawn will remove any protective wax, so you’ll need to re-wax the car afterward.





Source: Pixabay



19) Kill fleas living in carpet and furniture


If your pet has recently had fleas, chances are, they’re probably living in your carpet. After you’ve given your pet a flea bath (with Dawn!), make sure to clean your carpets too. Pour a tablespoon of Dawn into a 16-ounce spray bottle and fill the rest with water. Spritz your carpet and upholstery then let sit for 15 minutes. Wipe furniture with a damp towel or vacuum the carpet to remove the excess.





Source: Pixabay



20) Cleanse oily skin


If your skin is prone to being a bit on the oily side, Dawn is your new best friend. Incorporate the dish soap into your daily routine by washing your face with just a few drops of Dawn and warm water. Be sure to rinse your face thoroughly. The Dawn will cut right the grease without drying out your skin.





Source: Flickr



21) Make your own floor and wall cleaner


Get your walls and floors looking like new by using…of course…Dawn! All you need to do is add half a teaspoon of liquid Dawn, half a cup of Borax, and one teaspoon of ammonia to two gallons of warm water. Using gloves and a soft rag or scrubbing brush – clean away and watch the dirt, grime, and fingerprints come right off!





Source: Wikimedia



22) Keep houseplants insect free


Using a spray bottle, place a drop of Dawn inside, and fill the rest with water. Shake well and mist your houseplants with the mixture in order to prevent any insects from wanting to eat it or make it their home. The soapy water mixture is a safe and non-toxic deterrent.





Source: Wikipedia



23) Use as a daily shampoo



In a previous slide, Dawn was used to remove any excess dye from hair, but it can also be used as a daily shampoo – especially if you’re prone to having greasy hair. All you need is a few drops and some water – be sure to rinse your hair thoroughly afterward. Think about all the money you’ll save on shampoo!





Source: Pixabay



24) Remove stuck-on soot from hearth or fireplace bricks


Soot and ash can harden and settle around your fireplace making the appearance unsightly and dirty. Dawn is an easy fix! Just mix equal part of liquid Dawn dish soap with Morton salt and add enough water to make a paste or cream. Rub the mixture onto the stained brick and let dry for 10 minutes. Wipe clean with a sponge and warm water.





Source: Pexels



25) Make cleaning up after painting a breeze


Whether you’re painting a canvas or painting a wall, be sure to apply a layer of Dawn dish soap over your hands and arms then let it dry. If you happen to get any paint on yourself during the paint job, it will come right off when you wash your arms and hands with water. Absolutely genius!





Source: Pxhere



26) Remove food stains from clothing


Spilling food or drinks on your newly washed shirt has happened to nearly all of us. Even more so if you have young ones in the household. Easily remove any food stains from clothing by mixing 2 teaspoons of Dawn with two teaspoons of white vinegar and two quarts of warm water. Use the simple solution to dissolve the stain.





Source: Flickr



27) Find a puncture in a car or bicycle tire


If you seem to have a leaky car or bicycle tire but aren’t sure where the hole is – Dawn can help. Simply mix a few drops of Dawn with some water and brush the soapy liquid around the tire. Small bubbles will indicate where the puncture is so you can either fix it or replace it.





Source: Cnet



28) Help get rid of a yeast infection


Yeast infections can be unpleasant and uncomfortable – and medication for them can be expensive. Make your own at home using Dawn dish soap. Kill and stop the fungus from spreading by putting a few drops of the liquid soap on the crotch of your underwear, scrub with water, then toss in the washing machine.





Source: Flickr



29) Remove brake dust from car wheels


Since Dawn is so great at cutting through grease – it’s perfect for so many things when it comes to cleaning your car. Mix a few drops of Dawn in a bucket of water and sponge down your car wheels with the solution. Rinse clean with water and your wheels will be sparkling like they’re brand new.





Source: Pixabay



30) Guide and fish cable through conduits


Guiding cables through tight spaces can be a real pain. Lighten your workload with the help of Dawn. Using a spray bottle with water and a few drops of Dawn, spritz the cable with the mixture before you guide it through a conduit. The soapy solution will help guide the cables through the windy and tight spaces.





Source: APK Downloaders



31) Prevent insects from entering your home


Although Dawn is great for getting rid of insects and ants that are already in your home, it’s also wonderful for preventing them from getting in in the first place! All you need to do is squeeze out a line of liquid Dawn dish soap around door jams and window sills – the creepy crawlies will get caught in the soap and getting rid of them is as easy as using a hose or wet sponge.





Source: Flickr



32) A manicure miracle



If you’re somebody that likes to save a bit of money and do your own manicures at home – you’ll want to keep Dawn dish soap at an arm’s length. Soak your fingers in a bowl of warm water with a few drops of Dawn to soften your cuticles. The soap will also remove any oils from your nails, making it easier to adhere the nail polish.





Source: Dubunne



33) Clean your kiddie pool



The plastic wading pools that kids use in the warmer months is something that can get grimy, funky, and slimy fairly quickly. To clean it – dump out the water from the pool, then simply scrub it with Dawn using a wet sponge. Avoid using bleach because it will weaken and dry out the plastic.





Source: Flickr



34) Help soothe poison ivy blisters



Poison ivy rashes and blisters spread when the oil of the blisters gets pops and moves to other areas of the skin. Since Dawn is great with oils – it’s perfect for soothing any poison ivy mishaps. Wash the affected area with Dawn – it will help dry up the blisters and help prevent it from spreading.





Source: Wikimedia



35) Quick and easy pool cleaner



We mentioned Dawn was great for cleaning kiddie pools, but it’s actually great for cleaning an in-ground pool as well. If you squirt Dawn soap down the length of the pool, all of the suntan lotion, dirt, etc. will move toward the edges of the pool – making it easy to scoop up! The pool will absolutely sparkle afterward.





Source: Wikimedia



36) Use as a non-toxic lubricant



Nothing is more annoying than a squeaky door or cabinet hinge – it’s enough to drive you crazy after a while! Luckily, Dawn can help with that. Just apply a little drop of the soap on the squeaky hinge and your sanity will be restored. It works like a charm AND it cleans the parts it’s lubricating. Double duty!





Source: Public Domain Pictures



37) Keep your fruit trees aphid-free



Aphids are every gardener’s worst enemy. Keep the bothersome insect off your fruit trees by following this simple trick. Mix two tablespoons of Dawn into a gallon of water and add to a spray bottle or garden sprayer. Spray both sides of the leaves, branches, and the trunk then let sit for 15 minutes. Be sure to rinse the tree thoroughly afterward.





Source: Torange



38) Easily clean cloth diapers



Cloth diapers are super economical and great for the environment, but let’s face it – they’re downright nasty to clean. To clean them in a jiffy and without any hassle, just add a little squirt of Dawn to the load of laundry you’ll be washing them in. Run a hot wash and rinse until there are no more bubbles. Don’t overdo it though! You could have a sudsy mess on your hands.





Source: Wikipedia



39) Make tarnished jewelry sparkle again



Even though Dawn is really tough on grease, it’s actually surprisingly gentle on jewelry and metals. Mix seven parts hot water with one part ammonia and just a squirt of Dawn dish soap. Using an old toothbrush, scrub your jewelry with the mixture until it’s sparkling like when you first bought it.





Source: Flickr



40) Clean makeup sponges



In addition to your brushes, you can also clean your makeup sponges with Dawn as well. “Make a solution of 2 cups warm water and only 1-2 drops of Dawn. Soak your makeup sponges in the solution for 30 minutes or so. Rinse well and repeat until they’re cleaned. Make sure to dry them fully so you don’t risk mold or mildew inside of the sponge,” explains Six Dollar Family.




Source: Glamour



41) Prevent bathroom mirror from fogging



After a hot shower, it’s nearly impossible to see yourself in the mirror because it’s become completely covered in steam. Prevent this by applying a small amount of Dawn diluted with water on the mirror. The film it leaves behind will make your mirror fog-free next time.




Source: LifeHacker



42) Help eczema



“I have been plagued with eczema on my hands and arms for years. Nothing would take it away. Since showering with Blue Dawn, my eczema has completely disappeared. I am thrilled beyond belief with this wonderful product. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” said an avid Dawn user to Everyday Cheapskate.




Source: Wikimedia



43) Remove tree sap



If you do a lot of wood chopping or are camping and end up with tree sap on your hands or skin, it’s a real pain to try and get off. Here comes Dawn dish soap to the rescue, once again! It will easily eat through the sap without drying your skin.




Source: Flickr



44) Get makeup out of clothing



If you’re a makeup wearer, you know how frustrating it is to put on a shirt only to find that you’ve smeared your foundation or lipstick on it. Use Dawn as a pre-treatment before washing and the stain will come right out.




Source: IndoIndians



45) Remove gum from hair



Our little ones are bound to end up with chewing gum in their hair at least once in their lives. You might think you need to cut that piece of hair off, but actually, Dawn will help work the gum right out. The grease-cutting properties just need to be worked into the piece of gum and it will start to crumble and lift out.




Source: Reddit



46) Clean patio furniture



After a few seasons of sitting outside without much use, you’ll want to give your patio furniture a nice clean before summer–especially if it’s plastic. All you need to do is mix some Dawn with warm water and wipe it down with a sponge or scrub brush.




Source: Pixabay



47) Catch fruit flies



Fruit flies are so pesky and annoying, aren’t they? Get rid of them with the help of Dawn dish soap. Put a few drops of the soap in a small bowl or container with some white vinegar. They’ll be attracted to the white vinegar then become stuck in the Dawn.




Source: YouTube



48) Treat acne



Suffering from acne can be miserable, but Dawn can help you treat and clear it up in a few weeks. Wash your face with Dawn twice a day until the oil issue resolves. You’ll have clear skin in no time.




Source: Flickr



49) Clean your pool filter



In addition to cleaning your pool with the hack mentioned earlier, you can also use Dawn to clean your pool’s filter. Just soak the filter in a mixture of water, baking soda, and Dawn. Rinse the filter thoroughly before putting it back.




Source: Reddit



50) Give a friend the gift of knowledge!



Help a friend or family member make their lives simpler by forwarding this link or printing out this post for them. Just a simple bottle of Dawn can accomplish so much around the house – everyone should be in on the secret!





Source: Flickr



If you’re not planning on buying a case of Dawn next to the store, then you haven’t been paying attention! If you ever find yourself in a domestic pickle – this simple staple will save you from a lot of headache and hassle.

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50 Seriously Creative Halloween Costumes That Are Hard To Top



Halloween is one of the most, if not THE most, creative holiday there is. People get to use that energy to create fantastical costumes that wow and delight. I mean, you could head to the store and buy a Halloween costume.

But that’s not as much fun as making your own. And some people really go over the top with their costumes. Not only do they come up with brilliant costume concepts, but they also incorporate electronics, sewing, painting, and other skills to make their Halloween masterpieces.

And these pieces really do impress. It’s a shame that they only get used for a day or a few hours during the holiday season. They should be put in a museum of DIY Halloween costumes. I’d pay to see that exhibit. But since that exhibit doesn’t yet exist, enjoy this slideshow instead.

Here are 50 seriously creative Halloween costumes that are hard to top:

Source: ze11afe11a

1) Wizard of Oz Twister

Most people would dress up as Dorothy for Halloween. This person went all out as the twister that brought Dorothy to Oz and killed the Wicked Witch. This thing even spins.


2) A Reddit Snoo

This guy dressed up as a Reddit Snoo. You know the little aliens with the bent antennaes you see all over Reddit. That mask is pretty cool.

Source: lukeknudson

3) Little Maleficent

Look at this little cutie! Those wings look incredible. They must have taken hours to make.

Source: amt8116

4) Tina Belcher

This is a fairly simple costume to pull off. But it’s looks amazing. You know right away that she’s Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers.

Source: OneGirlArmy

5) Indiana Jones and Short Round

An Indiana Jones costume is pretty simple. And it’s already been done. Even I’ve been Indiana Jones for Halloween. But what’s awesome about this costume is the edition of Short Round. What makes it even more awesome than that is that he dressed up his dog as Short Round.

Source: empuerhpalpatea

6) Child Pennywise

What’s more horrifying that Pennywise? Pennywise as a child. This is so disturbing.

Source: Uribe5

7) Like a Wrecking Ball

This is hilarious. This guy is the wrecking ball from Miley Cyrus’ video. She’s the Barbie taped to his head.

Source: livingincinema

8) Ash and Misty from Pokémon

Now this is one good sister. Her little brother wanted to dress up as Ash Ketchum for Halloween. So she promised she would dress up as Misty.

Source: Ashleighmc

9) Shaggy and Scooby

Can you guess who this mystery solving duo is? She’s the Scooby Doo to his Shaggy. Simple to make but super adorable.

Source: emma_vincent

10) Westboro Baptist Protesters

These two were going to Cassie’s Halloween party. They dressed up as Westboro Baptist protesters. God hates Cassie’s party… hilarious.

Source: mrpauloldham

11) Rufio

People have seen Peter Pan costumes. But you’ve probably never seen a Rufio costume from the movie Hook. This is dope!


Source: Casvul

12) The Simpsons

Check out this awesome family costume! They did a really great job with this. I wonder what those head pieces are made from.


Source: AubreyJensen

13) Freddy Mercury

This guy is really a queen. He looks brilliant as Freddie Mercury. He’s got the pose down and everything.


Source: Fruity6677

14) Cow Abducted by Aliens

This costume is as random as it is awesome. It’s a nervous cow. He’s being abducted by an alien.


Source: Meowvette

15) Zombie Diner

These two run a zombie diner. He’s the zombie chef and she’s the zombie waitress. They’re serving you as tonight’s special.


Source: atomek_xxi

16) Pop Art

Here we have a piece of pop art. Just kidding. That’s a real person. I might have to start drawing myself some clevage.


Source: LittleBugs37

17) Tea Bag

Fancy a cup of tea? This little girl did. Actually she wanted to BE the tea.


Source: goingapeagain

18) Gone With the Wind

These guys were windy for their Halloween costume. That is super clever. How is he get his tie to stand up like that?


Source: ThePUNisherSF

19) Hocus Pocus

It’s just a bunch of Hocus Pocus! These witchy costumes are quite impressive. Here we have all three Sanderson sisters: Mary, Winifred, and Sarah.

20) Sally

This tyke is dressed as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. The entire costume is homemade. Even the wig!


Source: amt8116

21) Octopus and His Jack O’ Lantern

These two masks are made from paper mache. They look incredible! Look at the eyes on that octopus!


Source: tyballjohnson

22) Universal Health Care

This is another really smart costume. She’s dressed like the universe and a nurse. She’s Universal Health Care.



Source: HalloweenCostume

23) Sun-Maid Raisins Lady

Does the Sun-Maid have a name? I feel like her name would be Susan. It’s not she’s actually a real person and the original inspiration for the Sun-Maid Girl was Lorraine Collett. Anyway, this chick thinks she’s related to her. So, she paid hommage to her with her Halloween costume.


Source: heyitsj1392

24) Moana and Maui

This is a winning couples costume. It’s Moana and Maui. Look at how perfect all the drawings are on his body are.


Source: Th3MagicNipple

25) Sharknado

This boss won Halloween. He’s a Sharknado. The best is the shark at the top.


Source: bullethole27

26) The Mad Hatter

Look at this tiny Mad Hatter. He does look mad, but angry mad, not crazy mad. I love those spools of thread.


Source: saylormoon89

27) Missy Elliot Sock It To Me

This is another seriously extra costume. It’s Missy Elliot. From her Sock It 2 Me video.


Source: IvanKingz305

28) Beaker

My favorite costumes are costumes of secondary or lesser known characters. That’s why this costume wins so hard in my book. It’s Beaker from The Muppets.


Source: Sloth-monger

29) Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice. You can tell a whole let of effort went into this costume. The suit looks like he literally stepped out of a grave.


Source: flipmurphy

30) Tinder Ghost and Someone Who Was Ghosted

This makes so much sense. Online dating is terrifying. It’s the Tinder ghost and the person he ghosted.


Source: stayfunny_wain

31) Jessie and A.C. Slater

I am obsessed with this Saved by the Bell costume. It’s A.C. Slater and Jessie. But not just any Jessie, the Jessie from the episode with caffine pills Jessie.


Source: StarNavy

32) Elaborate

I don’t know what these kids are supposed to be. But these costumes are freaking elaborate. Must have taken weeks to make these costumes.


Source: imgur

33) Colorful Monsters

On the left is a Pin Up Frankenstein. On the right is a Pop Up Frankenstein. Pretty cool!


Source: GoodGooglieMooglie

34) Marie AntoinIT

There are a lot of things going on here. But they all go together so well. She is Marie Antoinette and IT combined.



Source: modernbee

35) Van Gogh Self Portrait

What a neat idea! This guy is Vincent Van Gogh’s self portrait. What a great job recreating those brush strokes.


Source: AlexKJenkins

36) Baby Frida Kahlo

This 3-year-old wanted to be Frida Kahlo for Halloween. It’s a bold move to put a mustache and a unibrow on a little kid. It all comes together really well.


Source: reddit_these_days

37) Rugrats

This team put in a lot of effort. Here we have the entire Rugrats crew. My favorite is Cynthia and Reptar.


Source: Trycja

38) Nightmare Face

Want to truly terrify people on Halloween? Then this costume is for you. This guy has some serious nightmare face going on.


39) 90s Bands

Can you guess what 90s bands these are? It’s Blind Melon and Alice in Chains. This is a great way to repurpose old costumes.


Source: AcedVentura

40) The Channel 4 News Team

News Team…. assembllllleeeeee! This is the Channel 4 News team. Lead by none other than Ron Burgundy a.k.a. Poppa Burgundy.


Source: vorta88

41) Queen of Hearts

This is such an adorable DIY Queen of Hearts costume. They recreated that hair perfectly. I love the use of actual cards.


Source: walshain

42) Operation

Here we have grandma winning at Halloween. She’s is the guy from the game Operation. She even has the light up nose!


Source: ze11afe11a

43) Filter, No Filter

This is what a photo looks like with a filter. The right is what it looks like without. Big difference.


Source: HuckleberryVentures

44) KFC Family

KFC is a family business in this family. The parents are the workers, the little baby is the chicken. Their son is the colonel.


Source: calvinklein

45) This Kid Wanted to Be a Sorcerer

There are lots of ways to do a sorcerer costume. But I wouldn’t ever imagine a sorcerer costume like this. Look at that beard!


Source: Suk__It__Trebek

46) Miguel and Mama Coco from Coco

I love this movie! And these costumes are so well done. Their friends didn’t even recognize them.


Source: larebelde

47) 90s Pop Icons

Here are some more awesome 90s costumes. Here we have the MTV Moon Man and Bee Girl from the Blind Melon No Rain video. If you watched MTV in the 90s, you saw these two a lot.


Source: Micklikesmonkeys

48) Ursula

This Ursula costume is spot on. It’s got the tentacles and everything. And it’s not so big so that you’ll be knocking into things all night.


Source: Whiskey_Tornado

49) The Song That Doesn’t End

It’s Shari Lewis. And don’t forget Lamb Chop. I just realized what a messed up name that is to call a lamb. You’re basically acknowledging that the talking lamb could be food at any moment.


Source: SilntBobTalks2Me

50) Total Transformation

This is a total transformation. She turned herself into Walter Hartwell White Sr. He’s the guy from Breaking Bad.


Source: Whatyouarestar

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75 Times People’s Taste Was Questionable, But Their Execution Was Flawless



The expression “It’s all a matter of taste” is true — most of the time. Sure, we all have different ways of dressing, doing our hair, and decorating our homes. But now and then, you run across something you know defies the saying. Some things are so tacky, ugly, and horrible, you can say definitively — it’s NOT a matter of taste. It’s just plain tasteless.

There are entire Reddit sub-threads dedicated to memorializing these tasteless treasures. Some of them are just plain horrible. Others are DIY disasters from people who think they’re artists but have no talent. Then some make you say “I can’t believe anyone would actually pay money for this.”

But the concept of some things is so bad, you automatically hate them. At the same time, the creations are done so well you can’t help but be impressed. In other words, they’re examples of awful taste but great execution. You can’t decide whether you love them or loathe them.

The subreddit known as r/ATBGE is dedicated to such treasures as these. It’s full of things that make you think, “Ugh, that’s horrible…but done well.”

1. This Van Gogh ear necklace

Legend has it that Vincent Van Gogh cut off his ear and mailed it to the woman he was in love with. Although the legend isn’t true, it’s still immortalized in this unique necklace.

Source: Facebook/Daiauri Margareti Art

2. This tacky handbag

Do you want to make sure you’re always stopped for an extra pat-down by airport security? Just carry this bag. You’ll also make everyone around you feel extremely nervous.

Source: Reddit/atheism-blocker101

3. This Titanic inflatable slide

Even if you’re into dark humor, this blow-up slide in the shape of the Titanic might be a little bit too dark. I mean, come on, you guys. People died.

Source: Reddit/BigCballer

4. This minion fire stove

The internet got just a little bit too much mileage with minions, you know, the strange yellow creatures from the Despicable Me movie franchise. But maybe this is okay if you imagine it’s being tortured.

Source: Reddit/Razvix

5. This knitted hat

No one likes to stare at organs — or replicas of them — which is why this hat is so unsettling. Can we all please keep those cerebella inside our skulls?

Source: Reddit

6. This baffling car

If you want everyone on the road to have a panic attack when you drive by, you should buy this car. There’s nothing like convincing other drivers that you’ve flipped over on the interstate.

Source: Reddit/javems

7. These customized slippers

Have you ever seen a product that’s a little TOO customized? Just take these slippers, which are made to look exactly like your dogs. It’s a little too uncanny for comfort.

Source: Instagram/haninmemphis

8. This dye job

Sure, the technique is impressive, and I’m sure it took a long time to complete. But the result is kind of bizarre. Why are my eyes crossing when I look at it?

Source: Instagram/kseniakisavna

9. This inedible purse

Of all the things to model a purse on, a packet of silica gel is a strange choice. To be fair, you shouldn’t eat silica gel or purses, so I guess they have that in common.

Source: Reddit/ckkohl

10. This unusual tile choice

This is what someone chose as the tile pattern for the staff’s office in a commercial building. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re taking the scenic route when they go to get a cup of coffee?


Source: Reddit/Gedj

11. This highlight job

Some people are very invested in the color of their car, for whatever reason. It seems as though one driver was invested enough to color the whole thing in highlighter. Is it a good job? Yes, but it’s also insanely tacky.


Source: Reddit/disillusioned

12. This hippo car

Someone came up with this bright idea for a car, then designed it and made it happen. They were that dedicated to creating a car that was also a hippo with sexy lips.


Source: Reddit/dreaming-md

13. This grasshopper-shaped diner

These two grasshopper-shaped locomotives in Korea were stacked on top of one another to form a diner. Unfortunately, they look like they might necessitate a conversation about where baby grasshoppers come from.


Source: Reddit/ReaganAbe

14. This scorpion chair

To be fair, this chair is pretty awesome…if you want to feel like an evil villain every time you sit in it. But it’s also undeniably tacky. No one will be fighting over it for their inheritance.


Source: Reddit/BabylonLiaison

15. This piercing and tattoo combo

Gages are a shocking fashion statement, so it makes sense they’re not for everyone. But here’s a pro tip: if you do get them, don’t have a hamster wheel tattooed on your neck.


Source: Reddit/dindymolan

16. This duct tape car

Introducing the newest in “painting” your car: not painting at all…just wrapping that sucker in duct tape. On the bright side, you’ll never have a problem finding it in a parking lot.


Source: Reddit/Skythen

17. These muddy wedding cakes

Every couple getting married has different tastes — some prefer to keep things classy while others prefer something more laid-back. But His and Hers cakes with mud on them? Come on, that’s disgusting.


Source: Reddit/ShallowBay

18. This catfish car

What’s even more unnerving than a hippo car? A catfish car of course, complete with headlights as eyes. Everyone wants their car to look like the ugliest fish in the lake.


Source: Reddit/CoffeeMix54

19. This nostalgic shirt

For anyone who was once a child (so…all of us), it’s easy to recognize the pattern on this shirt. Nothing like turning the rug we used to play on into an article of clothing. Is this cute or is it weird?


Source: Reddit/ColdDiner

20. This unpleasantly realistic jewelry

How much do you like pickles? To wear a necklace like this, you’d have to love them. Who knew the contents of your sandwich could also be decorations?


Source: Reddit/Myriadumo

21. This unappetizing cappuccino

A talented latte artist can make some unbelievable concoctions. But please, baristas everywhere, stick to flowers and designs and leave the bugs out of our morning joe.


Source: Reddit/MrDrinKen

22. These questionable bedsheets

Nothing says “creepy” quite like a bedsheet that depicts hundreds of sperm swimming towards an egg. This would be the worst thing to put on the bed in your guest room.


Source: Reddit/pagodelucia

23. This dignified casket

Funerals are intended to honor our loved ones and make sure their lives are remembered as they’re laid to rest. And what better way to do that than with a flame-covered hot rod casket?


Source: Reddit/MattCloudy

24. This blinding car

Chrome is a questionable choice at the best of times, much like pleather or Crocs. Now imagine a whole outfit made entirely out of Croc material. That’s this car.


Source: Reddit/SST87

25. These steampunk wheels

We get it, you’re into steampunk — you don’t have to go overboard. Frankly, the cogs of these wheels look deadly. I’m a little bit afraid they’re going to hurt someone.


Source: Reddit/BobbyClanMember

26. This horrifying sweater

I don’t know what’s going on with this sweater, but regardless, all the options are horrifying. Are Santa’s performing sex acts on one another? Is it one long human centipede? I can’t decide what’s worse.


Source: Reddit/disconaldo

27. This confusing car

You can look at this car for a while, but unfortunately, you’re not going to get any answers. The only conclusion is it’s modeled after a child’s drawing of a car.


Source: Reddit/Schrodingers_Nachos

28. This unusual wood stove

This is one of those statement pieces with a bit too much statement. Sure, wood stoves are wonderful, but is it really necessary for it to be sitting on a giant piece of construction equipment?


Source: Reddit/ironoc5

29. These practical Crocs

Remember Crocs, the hideous shoes of the mid-2000s? Someone managed to make them even more horrible with the addition of a chain and some spikes. On the bright side, he’s got our attention.


Source: Reddit/Ghosted

30. This scorpion hairstyle

Forget having a normal hairstyle. Why not shave your hair into the shape of a terrifying insect that scares most people out of their wits? It’s a perfect way to make friends. Bonus points if you include a scrawny braid.


Source: Reddit/Marks0981

31. This lizard haircut

If a scorpion won’t do, how about a lizard sitting right on top of your head? It’s the best way to ensure no one makes eye contact with you ever again.


Source: Reddit/-P4ND4-

32. This…unusual chair

With the rise of the DIY movement, you’ll see furniture made out of all kinds of different things. But dozens of identical stuffed seals are taking it to another, much weirder, level.


Source: Reddit/PerciFlage88

33. This terrifying makeup tutorial

A talented makeup artist can do amazing things, but there are some places they shouldn’t go. For example, this Peppa Pig makeup job. It’s flawless in execution but the results are terrifying.


Source: Reddit/ewokkid02

34. This unusable living room

There’s loving Christmas and then there’s loving Christmas so much that you render your living room unusable for the month of December. I’m guessing these people don’t have pets or small kids.


Source: Reddit/UniverseGuyD

35. These furry iPhone cases

They say you can find almost anything on the internet these days, but that’s not always a good thing. A prime example is these creepy cat iPhone cases. Just, why?


Source: Reddit/john_r_14

36. This frightening skeleton chair

Sure, it might look pretty cool, but no one wants to sit in this chair. It would feel a little bit too much like sitting in someone’s lap. A very, very bony lap.


Source: Reddit/biohazardhoe

37. These instant noodle shoes

Yes, believe it or not, these are considered luxury shoes. It’s pretty ironic, considering they depict food for poor college students on a .25 budget. They’re also horrifically ugly.


Source: Reddit/shitoupek

38. This stomach-turning cake

If you can believe it, this is a cake was ordered for the staff at a hospital. The work they did is amazing work, but there’s something unnerving about eating a cake that has skin, organs, and nipples.


Source: Reddit/ReaganAbe

39. These bewildering eyebrows

Her makeup looks enchanting until you look a little closer. Those aren’t vines or random designs; they’re tiny, seductively-posing Shrek figures. Why, why would you do that?


Source: Reddit/Kirikati

40. This delicious but strange Christmas tree

What better way to advertise your fried chicken restaurant during the holidays than with a Christmas tree made out of drumsticks? Or rather, what better way to waste an enormous amount of food?


Source: Imgur/thestarsvacantlaugh

41. This dangerous car stove

This rigged-up wood stove is so dangerous that I can’t believe the car hasn’t exploded yet. At the same time, I’m also pretty impressed how they managed to install it and get it to work.


Source: Reddit/thenaturalstate

42. This monstrous vehicle

The inside of this car needs no explanation, which is good because I don’t think I could come up with one. It’s quite possibly the most horrifying thing I’ve ever seen.


Source: Reddit/cobrakiller2000

43. This delicious bed

Ah, the 70s, when you could buy a bed that looked exactly like a hamburger. With pickles for pillows and veggies as blankets, it’s pretty amazing. But you do have to wonder, why?


Source: Reddit/BleuDePrusse

44. This combination of fandoms

Some people love to cosplay, and then there are others who belong to so many fandoms they can’t choose a cosplay. And that’s how we end up with new characters, like Darth Kitty.


Source: Reddit/penispulsante

45. This festive beard

Facial hair is back in a big way, and men are taking the opportunity to dress theirs up for the holidays. It’s amazingly well done, but we can’t decide if we love it or hate it.


Source: Reddit/Ajallee

46. These hydrating earrings

When you’re designing jewelry, you have a whole world of options to choose from. Why would you choose pieces of garbage to make these?


Source: Reddit/SoftDreamer

47. This helpful toilet paper holder

There’s a fine line between kitsch and creepy, and unfortunately, this toilet paper holder crosses that line. None of us want some Dr. Seuss hands giving us toilet paper, but thank you anyway.


Source: Reddit/RallStack

48. This rustic chair

These days, rustic styles are popular in everything from clothing to home decor to furniture. But this one is just a little too “yeehaw” to be considered good taste.


Source: Reddit/BlahTimes

49. These porcelain drumsticks

You might have a lot of questions when you look at these porcelain drumsticks. But the foremost one on your mind should probably be: “Why?” I can’t think of any reason these need to exist.


Source: Reddit/Chey_Babe49

50. This helpful but awkward figure

What’s worse than a pair of hands emerging from the wall to hand you toilet paper? How about a butler figure not wearing pants with a toilet plunger on his head?


Source: Reddit/BobbyDrillboids69

51. This furry motorcycle

Motorcycles are widely seen as cool, but this one might just break the stereotype. I know they’re going for a hardcore vibe, but you can’t tell me they don’t pet that lion while they’re on the road.


Source: Imgur

52. This delicious cake

Talented bakers can make cakes look like almost anything. But there are some ideas they should pass on when making a replica in the frosting. A dirty ashtray full of stale cigarettes is one of those.


Source: Reddit/JonnyCreepyCrepes

53. This deadly toilet seat

Let’s be honest: is it ever necessary to have a design on your toilet seat? Anything you can think of will automatically become creepy just because it’s on the toilet.


Source: Reddit/WeAreClouds

54. These nails make everyone uncomfortable

Nail art can be amazing, and it takes real talent to make the design look realistic. Note that we said “realistic,” not “good.” This is some straight-up horror movie stuff.


Source: Reddit/trishykins

55. This creative Christmas ornament

This silver spray-painted Christmas tree made out of pasta noodles is something you would expect to see at your grandma’s house. What is it about grandmas that gives them such eclectic taste in Christmas decor?


Source: Reddit/daftbutdandy

56. This regal toilet

I know they call it the porcelain throne, but this is taking it just a step too far. What’s next, a crown designed to wear while you do your business? A royal manservant to help with the toilet paper?


Source: Reddit/Nogamenolife607

57. This festive meat house

Gingerbread houses are those beautiful, intricate, and delicious creations used to decorate the table during the holidays. Then there’s this monstrosity, which is made out of meat. While the concept is disgusting, you have to admit the execution is good.


Source: Reddit/ahipsterwitch

58. This meat sail

Themed weddings always get a little weird, even if the couple tries to keep them classy. If you’re going to have a Viking-themed wedding, you might want to steer clear of a charcuterie table with meat “sails.”


Source: Reddit/averagelads

59. This rabbit car

If you want people to take you seriously on the road — or at all, for that matter — you don’t want to buy a car shaped like a rabbit. People will start to wonder about you.


Source: Reddit/sharksaresogood

60. This alarming paint

Funny, I remember the part of driver’s ed where they talk about defensive driving and staying safe on the road. I don’t remember the part where they told us to paint our cars to look like they were involved in manslaughter.


Source: Reddit/Goozkid47

61. This eclectic tea seat

I don’t think many people suffer from a tea addiction. But if you know someone who does, this is the perfect tea set to break them of it. They probably won’t ever think about tea again.


Source: Reddit/Xander395

62. This fantastic purse

Talk about being a statement piece. This chicken purse might not be in the best of taste, but you can’t deny it’ll draw attention wherever you go. Why do I have the urge to squeeze it like a dog toy?


Source: Reddit/imnotcreativeokay

63. This sponsored knick-knack

When looking for knick-knacks to place around your house, you might want to avoid anything with the KFC logo on it. Unless, of course, you love KFC that much.


Source: Reddit/JumpySkits

64. This overly-detailed urinal

This urinal is supposed to be in the shape of a certain flower known for bearing a resemblance to the female anatomy. Can we all agree to just keep urinals in the shape of urinals?


Source: Reddit/alrykos

65. This alarming decoration

“How do I show the world I’m a hunter who loves to kill things but also gets festive for the holidays? Wait, I have an amazing idea. That’ll make the neighbors love us.”


Source: Reddit/Sy3Zy3Gy3

66. This violently festive house

Calm down there, Buddy the elf. There’s loving Christmas and getting in the spirit of the holidays, and then there’s making your house look like Santa’s workshop exploded across the front of it.


Source: Reddit/TheApendes

67. This strange but oddly charming tattoo

I have a lot of questions about this tattoo even though there’s something adorable about it. Maybe the presence of a cat is distracting me from the overwhelming weirdness of it.


Source: Reddit/gc1519536

68. These classy candles

I don’t even know what you would use these candles for. Either you give them to your romantic partner as a way of expressing your feelings for them or you buy them just because they’re that tacky.


Source: Reddit/Baedhisattva

69. These fast food-themed shoes

How much do you love McDonald’s? Is it enough to buy and wear these shoes? Just don’t wear them out of the country or you’ll prove every stereotype about Americans.


Source: Reddit/samijubb141

70. This uncomfortable chair

What kind of materials should you use to upholster a chair? Forget all those comfortable materials — why not use something known for durability instead of comfort?


Source: Reddit/worndoll

71. This friendly couch

Teddy bears are the cute and cuddly parts of our childhood that we all loved. But as this couch shows, it’s possible to turn them from adorable pieces of childhood nostalgia to horrifying furniture monsters.


Source: Reddit/14thcenturyhood

72. This beautiful dress

We’ve all seen those cakes with a Barbie in the middle wearing what appears as a beautiful gown. But don’t worry, this person found a way to ruin them by replacing the design with meat.


Source: Reddit/MichaelDownVincent

73. This hopefully delicious cake

It’s almost as though the baker asked themselves “What’s the worst possible thing to think about eating?” and ran with that as a theme. On a positive note, you’ll have no problem sticking to your diet.


Source: Reddit/chuckdwarfenstine

74. These unique earrings

I don’t know what’s worse, the fact these earrings exist or that they cost $75. Thank goodness we know they’re girl sperm — we can tell by the bows.


Source: Reddit/tangerinelibrarian

75. This terrifying cat chair

How do you turn cats from adorable pets to terrifying monsters? Acquire this chair. The dead-eyed stare along with the long “fur” and protruding tongue will haunt your nightmares.


Source: Reddit/Cg407

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40 Failed DIY Solutions To Ward Off Coronavirus



The coronavirus pandemic caught many of us by surprise and has led to some downright thoughtful and useful DIY projects in an effort to slow the spread of the virus.

However, these DIY efforts may not fall into that category.

In fact, we’re not entirely sure what to think about some of them.

However, we do know that a little laughter rarely hurts, so have a look for yourself:

#1 Using what you have

Not everyone was prepared with full PPE. In fact, it’s probably best to leave enough for the frontline medical workers. This guy wearing a bear costume instead of a mask took it a step further and left one medical worker in a much better mood. She couldn’t stop laughing.
Neither can we.

Source: Staceyjg314 via Reddit

#2 Don’t touch your face!

We all know that touching your face should be avoided at all costs to stop the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19. However, this guy may have gone too far in his noble effort to slow the virus.

Source: Iron_Bawls via Reddit

#3 Social distancing

It’s important to leave space between people to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. This guy wanted to remind everyone. Maybe he’s just a poet, and he doesn’t know it?

Source: o0gader0o via Reddit

#4 Just the essentials

They didn’t have the right kind of mask, or did they? They also might have the wrong “case of Corona.”
At least the bag of limes will contain some much-needed vitamin C.

Source: Sweetbadger via Reddit

#5 Wrong battle

We commend their valiant attempt. If the virus were a dragon, it would be dead before it even made it down the frozen food aisle.

Source: Squonk3 via Reddit

#6 Corona-vampire slayer?

The mask is interesting. What is even more interesting is the garlic dangling from it. Maybe he knows something we don’t.

Source: ChillyStrawberry via Reddit

#7 It’s not every day

Unicorns are normally fairly hard to find, especially in a grocery store aisle. However, COVID-19 has changed a lot in our lives for now.

Source: purplemonster44 via Reddit

#8 When you really don’t want anyone near you

Some of us take social distancing more seriously. This person takes it extremely seriously.

Source: djcubedmofo via Reddit

#9 Serious style

We can’t actually fault this one. This might become the latest fashion.

Source: hansreddit9 via Reddit

#10 Remember the dog

The dog still needs to be walked, even in a pandemic. This could be a solution? Sort of? We wonder what the dog is thinking.

Source: anon7935678 via Reddit

#11 Can’t go wrong with Star Wars

She didn’t have a mask, but she wanted to walk the dog. This works, right?


Source: Closes52 via Reddit

#12 Replacement filter

People are getting creative with filters. We’re not sure that this filter is doing much good, although it is still good for a laugh.


Source: rudy_mustang via Reddit

#13 The smoking mask

He wanted to stay safe. He also really wanted a cigarette. What could possibly go wrong?


Source: Bored Panda

#14 Jug head?

Creativity is essential in a time like this, but should there be limits?


Source: 1NFail via Imgur

#15 COVID-19 fashion

While we’re not entirely sure it’s appropriate attire for the supermarket, it does seem to offer some protection against the virus…possibly.


Source: jetster735180 via Reddit

#16 Making the most of it

Who said you have to go with plain goggles if you are going to wear them? No one. That’s who.


Source: Subwaycreatures via Reddit

#17 A classic

This was one of the first coronavirus memes to come out. It’s good. Just don’t use this as an actual mask.


Source: LinkanXD via Reddit

#18 When you want to be sure

She needed to use public transportation. That didn’t mean she wanted to catch the virus.


Source: Bored Panda

#19 Setting ego aside

Sometimes, the only thing you have in the house to protect you from a potentially deadly disease is the last thing you would normally wear on your face in public.


Source: Godwithme08 via Reddit

#20 Hair protection

Doctors and nurses often wear hair protection, but how often does the average DIY personal protection equipment creator think of it? Well, this person did.


Source: Stonecold2050 via Twitter

#21 When there’s nothing else available

It might be better than nothing. What do you think?


Source: Subwaycreatures via Instagram

#22 Badass grandma

Apparently, these were the only masks left online when she went to order them. We’re not sure if we believe her or if grandma is just finally taking the opportunity to show how tough she really is.


Source: Royalrequest1969

#23 Safety in numbers

What’s better than a PPE-making quarantine project for one person? One for the whole family!


Source: Bored Panda

#24 Do not place over head

Desperate times call for desperate measures, but there is never a good time to put a plastic bag over your head. Ever.


Source: Blanco_Nino0

#25 The Emperor knows best

He always provides for his troops. Right? Right???


Source: Brelvis85 via Reddit

#26 She tried

We have to give her an A for effort. We just don’t know how much good it will do.


Source: Bored Panda

#27 When you were always prepared

Nuclear war, chemical attack, a novel virus… Sometimes you already have everything you need.


Source: Knaiff via Reddit

#28 The 2020 MacGyver

He took the classic jug-mask and took it one step further by installing a filter. It may not look pretty, but there is a chance this might actually be doing the job. A chance…


Source: LollipopFromHell via Imgur

#29 Italian style

Italy was one of the first and hardest-hit countries to see the virus. There wasn’t much time to prepare. In this case, scuba gear was all this shopper could come up with in a hurry.


Source: Bored Panda

#30 It takes guts to wear this one

We have to admit, he is braver than most if he is willing to be seen in public with this particular item attached to his face.
The wings also seem to be oddly well-suited for making sure this “mask” fits well.


Source: Maniso via Reddit

#31 Produce aisle solution

Who said that vegetables were just for eating? Apparently, you can use them as a mask as well…possibly.


Source: qevoh via Reddit

#32 Where are the air holes?

No, seriously, how are they breathing? Any ideas?


Source: Bored Panda

#33 The only way to be sure

Sometimes, you just want to survive but still need a few things from the store. This might be how to do both.


Source: Bored Panda

#34 Breathing is out

We know she just did this for the laughs, but we have to ask. How long did she have to hold her breath to take the picture?


Source: ntobias1 via Reddit

#35 PPE heels

She’s going in the right direction with this outfit. Although, we wonder about the heels. Are those certified?


Source: hbts2002 via Reddit

#36 Dating

Hey, life goes on, even with social distancing. This guy has the right idea. At least she seems to think it’s cute.


Source: Bored Panda

#37 Our heroes

They are out in the cold and harsh world to bravely walk the dog. Sure, it’s suburbia, but don’t let them know that.


Source: Roninswen via Reddit

#38 When there is nothing else available

We all know how hard it is to find PPE. In fact, in most cases, you’re out of luck unless you make your own. Or unless you repurpose that Halloween mask…


Source: FroggyMcTerrison via Reddit

#39 Doing it in style

That mask might not be stopping any pesky viruses, but it did cause a few shoppers to stop and snap a picture. Close enough?


Source: DonSimon1976 via Reddit

#40 Don’t forget the car

While we’re all busy thinking about how to protect ourselves, this person has been thinking about more than just personal safety. They also considered the needs of their vehicle. Thoughtful?


Source: Bored Panda

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