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50 Parents That Went Out Of Their Way To Make Their Kids Day Better



Let’s be clear: parenting is not easy by any measure. It takes patience, determination, and a whole lot of love to pull off a successful attempt at the world’s toughest job. With that being said, it also doesn’t have to feel that hard. Simple acts of kindness goes a long way in helping our kids find their self-confidence when they need it most.

Being emotionally open to sharing and expressing ideas and feelings to our kids is something that takes an entire lifetime to master. All we can do is our best in our most spontaneous ways possible. These next 50 examples demonstrate just how satisfying it is to excel as a parent that truly likes getting involved in their child’s life without wreaking havoc. To all those who aspire to be phenomenal parents, we suggest you start taking notes!

Source: itsalexreiley

1) Love Of Kin

Every parent of a LGBTQ child should take note of this wholesome handwritten card. It is a card dedicated from Dad to his beloved child who had intentions of opening up about his sexuality. As it turns out, Dad just wanted to reassure him that love is the bond that holds them together and to top it off, his parents seem to approve of his lovely companion, Mike.

Source: u/WendyRunningMouth

2) Dress For Success

This image cuts deep. In Thailand, Mother’s Day is celebrated in unison with other families. However, this youngling’s mother had passed away tragically and his Dad had the perfect answer: put on a dress and show him his mother is still with the little lad in spirit. The heartwarming photograph is almost too tender for eyes to bare!

Source: Korpat Ae Sukhom

3) Kinda Gay

The story goes an Army man got to a bakery and ordered something “kinda gay” because his son came out of the closet to his mother who apparently confessed his son was scared to tell him. “He’s my boy and I love him. Can you make me something, kinda, you know…kinda gay?” said the man. He is truly killing the parenting game with this move to support his son. His son will definitely appreciate his gesture of appreciation.

Source: u/municipalplant

4) Disney Diva

Father-daughter duos don’t get much cuter than this. These two are sparkling up movie theatres by dressing up as their preferred Disney movie characters. And would you look at how they hold hands together? A strong nomination for father of the year goes out to this fine fellow for sharing such an adorable activity with his little one.

Source: u/GallowPlaceholder

5) Dad Jokes Welcomed

Here’s a typical day with dad. You realize he’s never wanted to take a picture in his life and the moment you do, he ends up pulling another dad joke for the books! Nothing lightens the mood better than the corny vibes from a father’s sense of humor.

Source: Julie Brinkman

6) Pushing Past The Limit

The grit and drive it takes to beat the odds is truly one that can’t be taken for granted. When you have someone like your father supporting you along the way, the path gets much easier. This student overcame the loss of her scholarship and in-state tuition and was at a very low point in her life. Fortunately, her Papi was behind her every step of the way and never flinched when it came to giving her the support she needed to get back on track and graduate.

Source: u/IronProdigyOfficial

7) Good Luck Duck

This rubber ducky was used by a man as a good luck charm to be spread in different places. His passing occurred 4 years ago and his son had thought to have collected all of the duckys. On a fateful night, the son opened the back seat cupholder of the car and what he found was the last rubber ducky. It goes to show the impact our parents have even after they’re gone.

Source: u/Leca1415

8) Super Dad

This meme was sent to a dad as a joke by his son. Little did he know that he would print it, date it, laminate it, and put it in his work office. For all the super dads providing for your kids, your work is always appreciated.

Source: u/professor418

9) Just Yolking Around

A simple joke turned into an engaging hobby when one son spoke to his mom about cooking. The kid suggested she practice cooking regardless of his inability to try it since he was living in a separate continent. Little did he know, his mom took his words to heart and sent him a picture of his egg yolk declaring she’ll be practicing for when he gets back home.

Source: u/Flying-Avocado

10) Proud Dad

This proud dad shows off the very same tie his son made him when he was in the 1st grade! He wore it even for his eventual graduation when it all came full circle. As a parent, these are the moments you dream of accomplishing with your child. These two are extremely lucky to have experienced such a heartwarming moment.


Source: D

11) Hilarious Voice-Recording

Some secrets are too big to keep quiet about. That’s why this funny dad decided to play a funny prank on his daughter with a voice-recorded card of himself yelling at the top of his lungs about how her new Howler dog pooped on the carpet. That’s one embarrassing way to announce the arrival of a new dog, but who better than Dad to deliver the great news!


Source: library-mermaid

12) Blockbuster Or Bust

This autistic boy was having a tough time dealing with the closure of BlockBuster. As a way to turn that around, his parents decided to create a mini Blockbuster for him to always cherish! This is what having parents with hearts of gold looks like.


Source: jav

13) Step Into My World

This little rascal got a taste of the human world when this man decided to engage. The man works as an electrician at a zoo and happened to meet with this little mammal on this day at work. The little mammal took a moment and gave the whole human thing a try! The result was too cute not to be recorded.


Source: u/man_like_mxhsin

14) Wise Words From Dad

If this doesn’t inspire you to motivate yourself, nothing will. This tidbit of information goes a long way in a life full of self-doubt and overcoming tough obstacles. It’s a good thing we can count on Dad to offer his sagely advice from time to time.


Source: lex

15) Equality For All

This girl’s dad has made improvements in the way he perceives different ideas. Apparently, dying your hair blue is synonymous with being gay after this dad decided to become more proactive in the LGBTQ community as a result of his daughter dying her hair. It’s so innocently naive and cute that we just had to share how unbelievable this story was.


Source: u/therussianwall

16) Never Miss A Day

Father’s have a strong bond like no other with their baby girl. This one in particular always gave irises to his two daughters on every birthday they’ve been alive. The first year in which they are not together, he still manages to deliver a flower to them over the phone just in time for the occasion. I think it’s time we grab more tissues because the waterworks are definitely settling in.


Source: u/LorenzoHD

17) Who Let The Dogs Out

It’s odd when you’ve been describing someone who’s been living with you as a person, when in fact it’s been a dog all along. That’s what happened to this daughter who found out her dad’s companion had been a dog all this time. Well, he never said he wasn’t a dog so it kind of goes both ways!


Source: U/frenzy3

18) Dad On Duty

Nothing spells out ‘dad’ than your old man taking the initiative to water plants in Walmart’s garden section. It’s not surprising given that most dads are programmed to work with a tool at all times throughout the day. It is, after all, the reason for having the title of father in the first place.


Source: u/mrsamus101

19) Smile Like You Mean It

This dad seemed to be having a tough time getting a smile out of his daughter. To get over the hump, he did what any brave dad would do and stepped into his more feminine side. His occasional makeovers inspired his daughter to break out of her shell and finally show that awesome natural smile of hers.


Source: whatagirlygirl

20) Daddy Delight

This dad decided to make his child feel better by 3-D printing a mini elephant. The cute little animal was a sweet offering from the dad who used his better senses to detect that his child was not feeling well. Small acts of kindness such as these go a very long way when trying to make a difference in your child’s life.


Source: square-enix

21) Dad Jokes For The Win

Dad jokes never seem to catch a break. Except for this last one that may just have you from the first punchline. The caption, “I thought you’d like to know that I’m outstanding in my field.” accompanied this picture of the clever dad. Regardless if you think it was funny, it was creative enough to get some grins from the recipient in his daughter.


Source: u/cslicemarie

22) Sing It Loud, Sing It Proud

A bad week at the office is not enough to stop this mom from making her daughter feel special. She apparently sang “you are my sunshine” at the top of her lungs while the whole office could hear her! Talk about supporting your daughter through thick and thin.


Source: YourManeGirl_

23) Overnight Mango Express

Remember getting your lunches packed and prepped before going to school by mom or dad? Well, this girl’s dad had completely forgotten to send over the much-anticipated mangoes that were promised. To not let his baby girl down, the dad decided to overnight ship the mangos directly to her apartment! This guy definitely deserves a nomination for Dad Of The Year.


Source: ce_silly_a

24) Doppelganger Dad

This single mom took the time and put in the effort to not let her boy feel bad on “Donuts with Dad” day at school. She dressed up using hat, shirt, and moustache to really buy into the appearance of looking like his father. Her child’s smile means all the hard work and dedication truly paid off with his satisfaction.


Source: u/Pkay05

25) Cool Like The Other Side Of The Pillow

Parents always want to try and stay hip anyway they can. One way of doing it is texting you with phrases you taught them to make themselves feel young and relevant. As time goes by, those messages become more endearing and meaningful even if they were cute attempts at trying to be cool.



26) You’re On Your Own Now

This girl’s dad has been peeling her oranges for lunch since kindergarten. The time finally arrived on her last day of High School when her dad prepped her with some whole oranges and a heartfelt message. There’s no sweeter way to embrace an empty nest than to push out the fledgeling with kindness.


Source: megsullivan07

27) Helmet Horde

The baby in the back is wearing a head-shaping helmet that is quickly trending in fashion. His family has picked up the hint and now they all wear their own helmets for protection. You can tell this family loves having fun together and sharing cool moments like these!


Source: SheaSerrano

28) So Proud Of You

This mom smiles proudly the moment she realizes her daughter’s book was in her local library. Her mother looks incredibly happy in knowing her daughter made a huge accomplishment in her life! This is the face we’d like for all our parents to show us in our brightest hour.


Source: u/dljennings

29) Embraced and Supported

It always feels amazing when you realize your parents have your back. This mom decided to support her child coming out by sending a picture of herself and the family dog offering their support. Unconditional love and open understanding is the true way of becoming an excellent parent for anyone needing guidance. A little appreciation, like this snapshot, goes a long way in building that long-lasting relationship.


Source: u/lklpi

30) The Baby Remedy

This mama wants the world to know that if you’re having a bad day, you should probably take second out and look at a cute baby. Seriously, it will get you to not worry about your small-world problems and just realize that we can still treasure something as adorable as a smiling baby. If your friends are having a bad day, then you should spread this kind-hearted message to them and see just how much of a difference it makes in their life.


Source: u/samirbrokeit

31) Once a Child, Always a Child

A rare shot of Arnold Schwarzenegger cutting his son’s hair as a kid compared to a more modern picture of his son getting his hair cut. It goes to show that you’re always a kid in your father’s eye and you never really grow out of your youth. Moments like these are what makes being a dad such an awesome role to fill.


Source: u/AegonTargeryen

32) Stay Tuned

Being outdated is an expression that bears no weight to this cool grandma. She decided to checkout her nieces game over the laptop and her niece has never been happier. A little bit of effort goes a long way for those who truly care about you.


Source: abs_lew

33) My First And Only

The tasty cake was made by a loving father for his daughter who recently ended her relationship that very same day. He knew nothing else could take the pain away, but at least he reminded her of how much she meant to him. Daddy’s little girl won’t ever forget how brave daddy was that night she needed him the most.


Source: itsalexreiley

34) Graduation For Daughter

Next level gestures involve a lot of thought and planning before executing. This was nothing short of awesome as this Dad builds a graduation stage along with a podium on his driveway to give as a surprise to his daughter. A global pandemic couldn’t stop the moment his daughter worked for so hard, so he did what he could to allow her to enjoy the feeling as much as she could.


Source: JeremypierreFOX

35) Trick-or-Treat Please

This heroic dad decided to pass out candy to everyone on the flight so his 3-year-old could trick-or-treat. If that isn’t one of the most wholesome things you’ll read all day, then we don’t know what is. This child is extremely lucky to have such a wonderful dad at his side.


Source: stephaniekahan

36) Front Row And Center

Parents have a knack for always wanting to be present at every event. Seth Rogan knows the feeling since he claims his parents took him to Ellen that day and were sitting up in the front with the audience. Now that’s what you call actively participating parents!


Source: u/GroundbreakingEgg5

37) Our Biggest Cheerleader

If you need some positive compliments to make you feel good, why not go to our parents? This girl knows her dad is her best supporter, so she goes to him for advice on how she looks. Of course, daddy had nothing but great things to say to help her feel special.


Source: iamtherealbrat

38) Candle-Lit Table Top

The sweet set up on this table was arranged by the mother-in-law for what should have been a wedding day. The reasons as to why it didn’t go through are unknown to us, but at least its the thought that counts. It goes to show that not all mothers-in-law are evil and do have good intentions!


Source: u/c_zim

39) Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

This dad did the unthinkable and created a retro-style controller for her specially abled daughter to play Zelda: Breath of The Wild. It was simply amazing that he had the skills to program the hardware to work at that high of a success rate. Regardless, this dad demonstrated just how determined he was to have his daughter experience happiness through playing her favorite video game.


Source: u/SrijanGods

40) New Sheriff In Town

What happens when you invite your mom over who’s worked in the jewelry store business for over 3o years? You get someone who will constantly be inspecting the back of your smartphones looking for a way to fix things. It’s okay, at least she will be happy knowing she can be of service to you as all good mothers strive to be.

41) A Walk To Remember

From the first day of kindergarten to the first day of college move-in, this dad has accompanied his son every step of the way. The sentimentality of seeing your son get older as time goes by strikes a different kind of heart string. It’s nice to know that his son has had a brilliant role model and mentor in his father figure.


Source: ChuckBrock51

42) Fort Night Queen

This princess enjoyed her virtual “Fort Night” 1st grade event when her daddy decided to make it extra special. The entire design was hand picked and modeled by her dad who wanted her to experience a joyful evening. We can tell by her ecstatic face that she sure enjoyed the entire setup.


Source: deathbypotat0

43) Rainbows and Butterflies

This mom has been showing her support for her daughter’s recent coming out announcement by sending rainbow hearts in acceptance. She’ll get annoying at some point, but for now, we’ll appreciate the fact that she’s being cute with her digital expression. Mom knows how to be supportive, even if she does it in her own quirky ways.


Source: u/Godwhyamihere

44) Sincerely Mom

A bartender asks her bar guest what she was writing. The guest responded she was a mother of 3 daughters and dedicated time every day to write 5 lines to each of them. She hopes to gift them to each daughter once they get married. What an absolute cutie pie!


Source: u/kadysykes

45) Dreaming Cost Nothing

Mom wants to get behind her 3-year-old daughter’s business idea to open up a mobile nail bar. To do that, she encouraged her passion by posting her latest creation on social media. So far, its only cost her £1, so it may be worth looking into despite her lack of toe control.


Source: CatrionaMcNicol

46) Casting A New Role

This momma decided to design her son’s cast since they were going to be stuck home for at least another month. His idea of a “tattoo” has finally come to life with this dragon motif his mom came up with. As unfortunate as it is to break your wrist, at least this kid has a pretty cool mom who’s willing to do something like design his cast.


Source: bunbun8616

47) I’m Not Leaving

Ever get the feeling your dad will stick by you, literally no matter what? Well, this college student’s father took that to a whole new level when he stuck around for her grad school classes because a hurricane impeded his return back home. Judging by her awkward smile, the girl seems to be hanging in there while her dad on the other hand looks to be having the time of his life.


Source: ometeanassi

48) Pay Attention To This!

A clear indicator that your parent might be crazy, is when they pull something like this off. They’re clearly craving your attention because they just want to become more involved in your life. Do yourself a favor and include them more in activities before they start resorting to this madness.


Source: u/wacky_jirachi

49) Driven Like A Doggy

This mom knew how to make her daughter’s day. She attended a motorcycle rally with her husband when suddenly she spotted this little puppy looking like perfect eye candy. A little snapshot to her daughter for some laughs is how to strengthen that parental bond a little further.


Source: _emily_joy

50) Words of Encouragement

Parents words can have a powerful impact on us and on how we find self-motivation. That’s why this parent decided to write post-it words of kindness to her daughter so that she wouldn’t feel weird during her lunch periods. Just another great example of how to kick your parenting skills up a notch is to simply share words of encouragement.


Source: u/illumiknitty

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Daughter Ignores Dirty Sock On Floor So Mom Puts Up Sign Next To It Resulting In Hilarity



What did your mom do when you left dirty laundry on the floor? Or, if you are a mom, what do you do when your children do it?

I bet our mothers, and any of us that are mothers ourselves, don’t do what this mom did. My mom sure didn’t.

I’m not a mom myself, but I’m trying to imagine what I would do. And I think it would depend on a variety of circumstances. But I can assure you I would never think to start something that ends up looking like a shrine in my bathroom.

Here’s what happened.

Source: Facebook

Xep Campbell, of Port Townsend, Washington, found one of her daughter’s very dirty socks on the bathroom floor. Since this wasn’t the first time such a thing had happened, she decided that Instead of picking it up, she would conduct an experiment. In her Facebook post, she says,

“I decided not to toss it in the hamper but instead see how long it would stay there, sort of a sociological experiment.”

A week later, her 10-year-old daughter Kestrel still hadn’t picked up the sock. I’m not sure if this means she failed the test, or if the amount of time has some other deep sociological meaning. But that isn’t the point.

After a week had passed and the sock remained on the floor, Xep decided to up her game. Because surely, after this much time her daughter had seen the sock there—I’m guessing this was a shared bathroom—and picked it up.

I certainly knew better than to test my mom that way.

But Campbell is made of different stuff than my mom. As she tells TODAY Parents,

“I try not to take anything in life too seriously and we often play little jokes on one another, so I made the museum label and figured she would roll her eyes, laugh a little, and then pick up the sock.”

Source: Facebook

She wasn’t expecting what happened next.

Upon seeing the wannabe plaque on the wall, Kestrel texted her mom.

Source: Facebook

At which point I would have said, “Haha, you’re hysterical, mom.” And picked up the damn sock, because I would not expect her humor to last indefinitely.

Not Kestrel.

As Campbell said, her daughter,

“Gamed her shame.”

When Campbell got home that day her daughter informed her that she had made a pedestal for the sock. Because, a museum piece, right? It deserved a pedestal. Maybe even a glass case.

Source: Facebook

At this point, Campbell tells TODAY,

“I realized then the game was on. It sort of took a life of its own after that.”

And it did indeed.

Campbell decided that like any true museum piece, this objet d’art needed an awestruck audience.

From here, it seems that mother and daughter just got silly and started having even more fun with the dirty sock. And I have to wonder if this was also a stinky sock. Because who could put up with that for so long?

Regardless, an audience was formed. And not your typical museum type crowd of tourists with cameras. Oh, no. This was a crowd of barnyard animals.


Source: Facebook

And why stop at barnyard animals?

This whole thing started on US Thanksgiving, so there might be a natural transition here, at least in terms of holidays. And either mother or daughter is keeping up with what’s trending in the news.

As Upworthy reports, the newsworthy addition is a representation of the first monolith that popped up in Utah in November, and the subsequent ones that appeared as well. Why not add one to the bathroom?


Source: Facebook

And finally, the holiday theme.

Before long, a nativity scene appeared on and around the sock. Some more art was added to the museum bathroom wall. And eventually, a gorilla joined the barnyard animals. Perhaps for a bit of diversity?


Source: Facebook

With all of this going on, you might think the family had a huge bathroom, but that’s not the case at all. Imagine being not quite awake in the morning and trying to brush your teeth without stepping on the exhibit?

For those that know Campbell, none of this is likely surprising. She told Upworthy that she aimed to live her life in a way that positively impacts those she comes in contact with.

She explains,

“I always try to take the creative route whenever possible. There is a lot of beige in the world that needs to be countered. There are also endless possibilities to be creative with even the most mundane aspects of life. I tend to go for the weird option when it’s there.”

I think I’d like to meet her.

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33 Moms That Don’t Look Their Age At All



A daughter went to Twitter to complain about how much her mom does not seem to age. She shared a picture, but it didn’t end there. She accidentally started an impromptu beauty contest in the process. It turns out that there are a lot of moms out there who look a whole lot younger than their age.

Don’t believe us? Check out these pictures that other people on Twitter shared.

#1 She’s 43

This was the photo of the mom that started it all. Her daughter still has to worry about boys being more interested in her mom than her. That’s no fun!

Source: shipilkins via Twitter

#2 What 36 can look like

This mom doesn’t look like she has ever aged. At this rate, she’ll be young forever.

Source: ivanova170283 via Twitter

#3 Hitting 40

This mom is 42 years old. Her smile still leaves her looking like a teenager.

Source: quorra99 via Twitter

#4 One of them is 52

One of the three people in this picture is 52 years old. The other two are her daughters. Can you spot the mom?

Source: Thanya91982734 via Twitter

#5 Over 60

We know that lighting is essential when taking a photograph. However, this is clearly more than just good lighting.

Source: 1ucankedi via Twitter

#6 Almost 50

This 47-year-old mom is vibrant. She has kept her youthful appearance and her love of life.

Source: _darya_koral_/ via Twitter

#7 An astounding 50

She had recently turned 50 when this photo was taken. It’s hard to believe!

Source: Twitter

#8 Forty-nine and model material

This 49-year-old still looks good in a bikini. We understand why her kids are jealous!

Source: Dmitry1Nikolaev via Twitter

#9 Sisters?

She is 41 years old and a mother of four. Her daughter’s major complaint? That people keep calling the two of them sisters when they are out together.

Source: cat_milicza via Twitter

#10 Almost 50

This mom is 48. She’s changing our perspective on what 50 should look like.

Source: daryashevaa via Twitter

#11 A healthy lifestyle

This fitness trainer is 40 years old. We can see why her daughter is so proud of her.


Source: LanaNova5 via Twitter

#12 And another day

We were so impressed by this mom that we had to share another one of her pics. She keeps track of her progress regularly with a photo.


Source: LanaNova5 via Twitter

#13 Rest and relaxation

Keeping stress to a minimum can keep signs of aging at bay. This 43-year-old mom can attest to that.


Source: margaita007 via Twitter

#14 She’s 45

Maybe love is what keeps us young. Her kids and grandkids definitely appreciate her.


Source: yanayana648 via Twitter

#15 Not your average grandma

This mom is 48. Would you believe it?


Source: daryashevaa via Twitter

#16 No growing old

This mom is 50 years old. Even her daughter has a hard time believing it sometimes.


Source: DwlKCnfuIlqfKEf/ via Twitter

#17 Sixty years old

Many moms on this list are in their 30s and 40s. This mom has almost all of them beat and still looks incredibly young!


Source: TovarishDynin via Twitter

#18 And 70!

If you thought 60 was amazing, this mom is seventy and still has a youthful appearance. Wow!


Source: Mihali_Mow via Twitter

#19 Skin care

Taking care of your skin over the years is essential. This 49-year-old mom knows!


Source: Dmitry1Nikolaev via Twitter

#20 Forty is the new 20

This forty-year-old mom genuinely doesn’t look her age. She looks almost as young as her daughter.


Source: dasha_savitsk

#21 Did you think 40 was old?

You might want to think again. She’s a 41-year-old and clearly not old.


Source: Sakura70597227 via Twitter

#22 Loving life

Happiness is also another thing that keeps us young. Just ask this 40-year-old mom.


Source: patronessass via Twitter

#23 Keeping fit

Exercise is a great way to stay young inside and out. This 45-year-old mom is all the proof we need.


Source: v_loafer via Twitter

#24 Forever young

Staying in shape is a great way to stay healthy and young-looking for longer. All of those walks on the beach with the dog definitely paid off for this 48-year-old mom.


Source: Vlad_chuvachoks via Twitter

#25 Rocking 44

This mom is doing 44 in style. She could do any age in style.


Source: placedegreve via Twitter

#26 Finding her best self

This mom is 47. She’s also learning to love life as much as possible.


Source: phandomonrussia via Twitter

#27 That uncomfortable moment

Has anyone ever asked you if they can date your mom? This 46-year-old’s daughter has that problem.


Source: w_a_mozalieri/ via Twitter

#28 Being 41

This mom is 41 years old. She’s not letting that number slow her down at all.


Source: KaluginaMadam via Twitter

#29 What 38 looks like

Her daughter says this mom is 38. We would have believed a number at least ten years less than that.


Source: qqppqqppqqpq via Twitter

#30 Over 40

You never have to feel over 40. It’s all about perspective and living life.


Source: yuliahoshi via Twitter

#31 Looking forward to growing old

We tend to look up to our moms. They even make aging look easy.


Source: OHACOCET via Twitter

#32 Young attitude

Who said that we have to start dressing a certain way when we get older? Dress the age you feel!


Source: v_loafer via Twitter

#33 The mom who started it all

As for the mom who started it all, here’s one last photo of her. We hope these pictures have inspired you to live your best life and stay young forever.


Source: shipilkins via Twitter

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60 Celebrities Postpartum Who Showed What They Really Looked Like After Giving Birth



Going through pregnancy and giving birth can cause significant changes to a woman’s body–weight gain, skin stretching, and hormone fluctuations to name a few. So naturally, once the baby is out, the body doesn’t just snap back into place like some sort of elastic band that has been stretched too far. And when you are a new mother who also happens to be famous, expectations around what your body should look like postpartum can be even harder to meet. There are some celebrities, however, who refused to be ashamed of their new bodies. Check out this list of 60 celebrities postpartum who showed what they really looked like after giving birth and be sure to find beauty in your own body as well!

Source: Instagram

1. Sadia Slayy

Sadia Slayy, a beauty influencer and blogger, decided to open up to the world about the reality of her postpartum body. For nine months she didn’t show her stomach to anyone, not even her husband. But after realizing that we all have flaws, Sadia decided to share hers to make others feel more comfortable with theirs.


2. Brie Bella

This retired professional wrestler and TV personality decided to share her postpartum experience with the world. She made sure to remind others to be proud of their bodies and to be okay with the natural changes that occur after pregnancy.


3. Pink

Superstar singer-songwriter, Pink, let everyone know how her recovery was coming along after baby number two. She opened up about the fact that based on her height and weight, she was considered obese by “regular standards.” However, she reminds all mothers to just keep working towards their goals and be proud of who they are.


4. Hilaria Baldwin

As a fitness and wellness expert, Hilaria Baldwin felt that it was her duty to share with the world what a “real” body looks like after pregnancy. This photo was shot just 24 hours after her child was born and she hopes that it can be used to “promote healthy self-esteem” in postpartum women.

5. Jenny Mollen

Jenny Mollen is an American actress and a best-selling author. She experienced extreme weight loss after giving birth and wanted to help out other women who may be experiencing the same thing. She suggests going to the doctor ASAP, as the reason for any unexpected weight loss could be due to a thyroid issue.


6. Kate Hudson

American actress, Kate Hudson, decided to let the world in on what her postpartum plans were. After three kids, Kate decided that working on her own health was super important. Not just to get her body back to the way that it was before, but so that she can live a long time to be there for her kids.


7. Tia Mowry

You may know Tia Mowry from her child-star days on the Disney Channel. But Tia is grown now and has kids of her own. She decided to share her postpartum journey with all of us.


8. Peta Murgatroyd

Peta is a professional Latin dancer and new mom. She showed the world what her body looked like 8 days after giving birth, just to remind us that even the highly athletic bodies need time to get back to their original state. Along with the photo, she shared her words of encouragement and support to other new moms out there.


9. Amy Schumer

Amy is best known for her stand-up comedy routines. This hilarious new mom decided to be just as candid about her postpartum body as she is on stage. Apparently, hospital underwear is the way to go.


10. Jamie Otis

The Bachelor star, Jamie Otis, shows us how easy it is to fake a picture on Instagram. These two photos were taken just a minute apart, the only difference is that she is sucking in her belly in the photo on the left. Jamie reminds all the new moms out there that have a belly after you have a baby is just fine.


11. Desiree Siegfried

Desiree Siegfried from The Bachelorette decided to let everyone know how she was doing as a new mom. She mentioned that she doesn’t usually post body image pics but got inspiration from all the other postpartum moms out there. She hopes that her photo can be one of empowerment for others.


12. Catherine Guidici

It seems as though everyone from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette is having kids. And they all seem happy to share their postpartum bodies with the world. Catherine didn’t feel the need to caption her photo with a lengthy post–just a single funny line was good enough for her.


13. Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is a plus-sized model. So she is no stranger to sharing her body with the world. If you’re a woman looking for inspiration about loving your body exactly how it is, Ashley is the one to look to.


14. Daphne Oz

Even the well-known nutrition author, Daphne Oz, doesn’t have that “bounce-back” body right after giving birth. She lets all the new moms know that it takes hard work and dedication to get the body back to where you want it. And in the meantime, remember to appreciate the miracle that your body just performed.


15. Tia Mowry #2

Tia is not shy about sharing her journey with the rest of us. She’s back with another postpartum post, letting new moms know that whether you are on your first child or your second, learning to appreciate your body for what it has just done is very important.


16. Melissa Suffield

EastEnders actress, Melissa Suffield, shared this photo of her postpartum stretch marks. She reminds everyone to love the body that they are in. Everyone has flaws, and if you can embrace yours, you’ll be so much happier.


17. Jenny Mollen

Jenny Mollen, the star from Angel, shared with us this photo of her c-section scar. She seems pleased with the way that it turned out and suggested to her doctor that his business card be the photo of the amazing work that he did with her.


18. Daphne Oz #2

Daphne shares with us another post about her postpartum journey. She’s slowly getting back into a workout routine and trying to take things slow. She reminds all the new moms out there that it’s all about consistency.


19. Chrissy Teigen

There’s no need to hide your postpartum body from the world. Chrissy Teigen knows this and wasn’t shy about sharing her “mom bod” with us. If you love yourself, you allow others to love themselves as well.


20. Amy King

As an influencer, Amy King is used to sharing her body with the rest of us. So why would she stop doing so after giving birth? Amy shows us her postpartum body and reminds us all to be proud of what we’ve got.


21. Gemma Atkinson

Former glamor model, Gemma Atkinson, is no stranger to the camera. She spent a good part of her career in front of one after all and wanted to take this opportunity to show everyone what her 6-week postpartum body looks like. She seems plenty proud of her “post baby curves.”


22. Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker is a pop-country singer-songwriter and mother of three. She’s used to how her postpartum body looks by now and wants to make sure other moms feel okay with theirs as well. She lets us know that her third baby has been the toughest, but she’s “feeling stronger every day.”


23. Iskra Lawrence

Iskra Lawrence is a British model and new mom. She decided to put a picture of her postpartum body and her pregnant body next to each. That way, we can see that sometimes there isn’t much difference between the two–and that’s okay.


24. Alaia Baldwin

Model Alaia Baldwin isn’t shy about her postpartum body. She took this picture just one day after giving birth, hoping to remind women that they can do anything. What an inspiration to all the new moms out there.


25. Audrey Roloff

Actor and author, Audrey Roloff, spends much of her time being a mom to her kids these days. She decided to share a post about what it’s like to be the mother of a newborn and shows off the postpartum effects on her body as well. She’s doing all the new moms out there a favor by “keepin it real.”


26. Peta Murgatroyd #2

Peta wanted to make sure that her entire postpartum journey was shared with the world. That way, new moms can watch her progress as they work towards their own. Peta seems to be happy with her 17-day results.


27. Bekah Martinez

Another star from The Bachelor lets us know what it’s really like to have a postpartum body. She’s proud of hers as she sits in her lounge chair, drink in hand. She reminds all new moms that their bodies are perfect the way that they are.


28. Jamie Otis #2

Jamie Otis is back again to remind all the new moms that their postpartum bodies are beautiful. She has actually gained a bit of weight since giving birth, but that’s just fine. Her body did what it had to do to keep her precious baby healthy.


29. Carly Waddell

The Bachelor star, Carly Waddell has had two kids now. She opens up about the realities of postpartum life, letting us know that the second time around wasn’t any easier. But it wasn’t so hard that she didn’t recognize what a blessing her newborn baby is.


30. Cardi B

Cardi B is a rapper and songwriter that is used to being on stage and having her body seen. After giving birth, her body changed a bit, but she wasn’t shy about letting others know. She even asked for some advice from the other moms out there.


31. Loren Brovarnik

Loren Brovarnik from 90 Day Finacé, let everyone know how motherhood was treating her. She told us the truth about the toll that it’s taken on her body and life. But, she adds, “I’ve never been happier.”


32. Camila Nakagawa

TV personality, Camila Nakagawa, wants all the new moms to know the truth about postpartum bodies. She reminds them that it’s okay if you have to work for the body that you want and that imperfections are normal. Camila is proud of her body, “stretch marks and all.”


33. Millie Mackintosh

Millie appeared on Made in Chelsea for 5 seasons. She decided to step away, however, and focus on the next phase of her life–motherhood. Millie decided to share her body with the world as a reminder of what postpartum bodies really look like.


34. Teddi Mellencamp

Teddi was a star on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Now she’s a new mom and wanted the world to see her for what she is–postpartum body and all. She seems grateful for her experience and wants other moms to be excited about their journey when it comes along.


35. Daniella Monet

Daniella is an actor, singer, and new mom. She took a picture of her body after giving birth to her son Gio to show what a real postpartum body looks like. Her pictures also show what a change you can make if you’re willing to put in the work.


36. Jamie Otis #3

Back for a third time, Jamie Otis keeps the inspiration coming for new moms. She documents how her experience is going with her second child, revealing the good and the bad. And like Amy Schumer, she notes how awesome hospital undies are.


37. Jade Roper

Jade is another star from The Bachelor. She is also the mom of three kids and decided to document the birth of her most recent child. She shared the truth about her postpartum body and reminded everyone that “women’s bodies are seriously phenomenal!”


38. Jenna Cooper

Jenna Cooper was a contestant on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise. Although she was brave enough to post a photo of her postpartum body, her confidence was something that she struggled with a bit. However, she received plenty of encouragement and positive words from her friends and fans.


39. Carrie Underwood

Carrie is a much-loved singer-songwriter. However, that’s not all she does because Carrie is also a mom to two young boys. She explains her postpartum struggles in this post and how “bouncing back” has been tougher with her second son than her first.


40. Jazz Charton

Jazz Charton is the wife of actor, Kieran Culkin. She is known for being blunt and open with her Instagram posts. This post was no different. She shares what postpartum life is really like.


41. Ashley Graham #2

Ashley is back with another postpartum photo. She’s proud of her body and isn’t afraid to show off her stretch marks while wearing a bikini. She is an inspiration to all the mothers out there.


42. Nadia Essex

British TV personality, Nadia Essex isn’t afraid to show off her postpartum body. She even makes it clear in her post that she is not doing this because she “hates her body, I’m doing it because I love it.” Being proud of your body helps others be proud of their body as well.


43. Jesse James Decker #2

Jesse is back with another post about her postpartum body. She’s worked hard to get the weight off but has been left with some loose skin. However, once you accept your body for what it is, you can leave your insecurities behind.


44. Kenya Moore

Kenya is a former Miss USA. She decided to share her body with us to let us know just how much work it takes to get your postpartum body back to what it was. With a little hard work, anything is possible.


45. Ali Manno Fedotowsky

Ali, a former star on The Bachelor, let’s us in on what she has been going through since becoming a new mom. She tells us that her body is different than it used to be and she has trouble accepting that at times. However, she reminds us that what we look like on the inside is just as important, if not more important, than what we look like on the outside.


46. Katrina Scott

Tennis player Katrina Scott reminds us that even elite athletes have to deal with postpartum bodies. No matter who you are, your body is going to change when you give birth to a child. Katrina gives us the truth about her life as a new mom.


47. Rachel Platten

Rachel Platten is a singer-songwriter and author. However, she can add mom to that list now as well. She snapped this photo of herself at 3 am so we could all see what the realities of new-motherhood look like.


48. Anne Hathaway

Anne is a famous actor. Now that she is a new mom, she has had to make some changes to her wardrobe. She reminds all the new moms out there that gaining weight is totally normal and that no one should feel ashamed of their changing bodies.


49. Serena Williams

Allstar tennis player Serena Williams has been through plenty of challenges in her life. One of the toughest may have been giving birth to her duaghter and then trying to get back into elite athlete shape. However, she overcame this challenge as well, making it to the Wimbledon 2018 Ladies’ Singles Final less than a year after becoming a new mama.


50. Rachel McAdams

Actor, Rachel McAdams, decided to embrace her role as a new mom. She snapped this photo of herself looking fierce as she pumps milk for her child. Whatever you are going through in life, it’s best to own it.


51. Hillary Duff

As an homage to Rachel, actor and singer-songwriter, Hillary Duff, posted this photo of herself pumping milk as well. Motherhood is quite a journey for all new moms, and being willing to share your experiences with others will help them along their journey as well.


52. Bekah Martinez #2

Bekah is back with a photo of herself performing a water birth. I imagine giving birth for your first time can be a nerve-racking experience. However, when you see others going through it, it can make things a bit easier.


53. Beyoncé

Famous singer, Beyoncé, shares her two young babies and her body with us. Although superstars can seem so different than us, this photo is a nice reminder that we are all just humans at the end of the day.


54. Jennifer Garner

Jennifer is a famous actor and a new mom. She shows us in this photo how important friends and family can be in the life of young children. Be sure to let your child feel the love from as many people as you can.


55. Brooklyn Decker

This photo captures the day that Brooklyn took her baby home from the hospital. Her child is 1-year-old now, but somehow, Brooklyn says, “I feel more tired today than I was in this photo.” But it’s a good type of tired, a “beautiful. blissed out exhaustion.”


56. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy is back to let everyone in on how motherhood is going. She is still killing it as the mother of a newborn while also being the mother of a toddler. It’s a lot of work, but totally doable.


57. Ali Fedotowsky

Ali decided to show a picture of her body before and after giving birth. You can see how stretched the belly gets, so it’s no wonder that things will look a bit different postpartum. Ali tells us that “I actually kind of like my loose skin.”


58. Laura Perlongo

Laura also decided to show a before and after shot. You can see how much the body goes through when it’s pregnant as well as postpartum. She looks great either way.


59. Hillary Duff #2

Hillary is back with another post. She shows us what motherhood is really like. I’d be willing to bet, however, that it’s worth all the struggles.


60. Candace Swanepoel

Victoria’s Secret Model is not ashamed of her postpartum body in the slightest. She knows that bodies change and that’s fine. No matter what, you should always own your body.


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