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50 People Trying To Fit Things In Their Cars



On the one hand, it’s great to learn to think outside the box, right?

But if that box happens to be your vehicle, you really need to be more conservative about keeping things inside of it. Some things just don’t fit. End of story.

For anyone who works at a hardware store, a Best Buy, or especially an IKEA, this is the kind of physical comedy you get to enjoy every day – and you can feel free to add your own gems in the comments.

As for the rest of us, we really need to rub a few more brain cells together to come up with better ideas for transporting things from Point A to Point B.

We get it – delivery is expensive. You might not be able to borrow a bigger vehicle from someone or else you can’t afford to rent one. But here’s the thing: other people matter, especially on the road. Putting their lives in danger for a few 2x4s or a big-screen TV is…well…not very cool.

Of course, some people will never learn until it’s too late. And while we don’t celebrate this kind of boneheaded move, we should at least be allowed to laugh at it.

And might we recommend a little background music in the form of the Sanford & Son theme song while you’re scrolling through these 50 photos of people trying to shove things that don’t fit into their vehicles?

1. Extreme overload

Let’s start with an easy one – one nobody can defend.

This is downright foolish and dangerous (although we have to admit that we’re impressed by just how much crap they managed to get secured to their relatively tiny car).

No wonder the vehicle looks a little beat up.

2. What was the plan?

Do you wake up in the morning thinking that you’re going to go pick up an object this large and actually find a way to fit it into your car?

Have you never played Tetris? Do you not understand basic geometry?

If you look very closely, you can see a tiny, thin piece of twine “holding” it all in there.

Because that’ll make a difference.


3. Eclectic collection

We wonder what sound a piano makes when it falls off the back of a car and onto the highway.

But at least we know who to ask.

This bizarre collection of things really makes you wonder where they were coming from and where they were headed with all of that…stuff.


4. More junk than truck

Ok, so they have a pickup truck and a trailer…and yet they still managed to overload it 10 times over.

How on earth does a person even secure all of this stuff in place?

We’d be afraid to loosen a bungee cord at the end of the trip and have it all come tumbling down on us.


5. Maybe if you try hard enough

Who does this guy think he is? Mary Poppins?

She might have had room in her bag for a lamp, but we guarantee this car isn’t magical.

And to top it off, it’s a compact! Who brings a compact to pick up lumber!?


6. What the heck?

Does anyone know what’s going on here? What is this truck even carrying?

While it looks like they at least managed to get some tarp around their items, they didn’t seem to realize what would happen if those got some air underneath them.

We can only hope they got pulled over before they caused an accident.


7. Pickup less

Just because you have a pickup truck doesn’t mean you have a license to strap everything in sight onto it and call it a day.

We don’t know what’s packed onto this thing, but we sure hope it’s light.


8. Tater wagon

Are those…potatoes?

Frankly, we’d be shocked if this car ever made it from Point A to Point B without drama. But riding this low there’s sure to be a few stops.

We’re just waiting for sparks to fly and turn those into french fries.


9. Rent the U-Haul

You’re going to pay as much for extra gas as you would have for a U-Haul.

Find a coupon code or something.

Do anything but take this monstrosity out on the road around other drivers.


10. Big screen, small car

You know what’s cool? Using a measuring tape. Or just shelling out for the delivery.

This wide load is so unnecessary – and all for the sake of a television that’s probably much bigger than they need.

11. All the vehicles

Well, good luck with that.

Just because they look all neat and tidy doesn’t mean they’re secure.

We are pretty impressed at just how many motorbikes he managed to get on there. It’s just that now he has to drive.


12. Camry cooler

Ok, so you buy a used fridge and you have to pick it up. We get it. But you own a Camry.

Do you not have any friends with larger cars?

Couldn’t you make some over the weekend or something?


13. It’s a 12-seater!

Maybe just get a second car if you need that much more seating.

Or don’t assume a couch will fit in your minivan when you go to buy it.

Maybe they bought it second-hand and delivery wasn’t an option, but we sure hope they lived close by!


14. A one-bedroom car

That’s an awful lot of furniture to pack into one pickup truck.

Could they not take an extra trip?

And if it was too far, wouldn’t they have been pulled over at some point? This can’t be legal.


15. So ratchet

Wow, did this guy lose a bet? Does he have a death wish?

Do they not realize someone is much more likely to call the cops for this?

There are going to be so many questions once they get to the emergency room.


16. Highway sanding

Isn’t it a great idea to let construction materials hang this far out of the back of your trunk?

Hopefully, they needed the corners sanded, because it looks like that’s what the highway is about to do for them.


17. The Clampetts return

It looks like The Beverly Hillbillies have upgraded their wheels.

But they haven’t gotten the hint about how much one person can pack into or onto a vehicle.

Maybe the cops can straighten it out for them. It already looks like they’ve pulled over to rethink their grand plan.


18. Plan B

This was apparently their SOLUTION after it didn’t fit into their SUV. Nevermind the rails on top of most SUVs they could have used to tie it down.

Instead, they just busted out the smallest possible car to work it all out.



19. On-board entertainment

People really like finding ridiculous ways to transport their 65-inch televisions home instead of paying for shipping.

We wonder how it compares to the price of a ticket – because there’s nothing securing this TV in place other than hope.


20. What the what?!

Is this really happening?

Did someone seriously think this was a wise way to transport a ladder?

This is the kind of thing that could cause an unspeakable freak accident – well, if they’re ever able to get past that stoplight.


21. Nailed it

So they really think this is a good idea, huh?

They’re not just going to for one piece of lumber, but a whole pile.

You might think a pickup truck or something even larger was the right vehicle for the job, but why not create a death trap instead?


22. Hold tight

This might look ok until you notice that there’s nothing securing this in place.

Well, there was the driver’s arm, apparently.

It’s not like they have anything better to do with those, after all.


23. Car jouster

We REALLY hope no one is sitting in that passenger seat.

We also hope there are no sudden breaks. Otherwise, someone is getting impaled.


24. Yes, that’s where the tires go

Those don’t look safely secured. But we are impressed at the sheer number of tires they managed to pack onto their car.

We just want to know what the trunk looks like after this wild ride.


25. Contestant #2

It looks like we found our second car jouster.

Our money is on this guy and his far deadlier impaler.

Just what you want to see out on the road, right?

26. Costco clods

Costco is another one of those places where you can always expect to see someone overloading their car.

It’s not normally this silly, but apparently, no one can pass up a good deal on a TV too big for their car and their home.

You know Costco has a website, right?


27. Training wheels

Maybe the extra wheels are helping this person learn to drive.

That’s good since they clearly never read a set of safety rules.

Just so you know, you only need one vehicle at a time.


28. Couch carrier

Imagine buying a brand new couch and putting it in your house covered in dead bugs and various allergens that you might end up driving through.

You might as well just buy a used one at this point.


29. Fully loaded

This car comes with a great, cheap head-smasher.

If you hit the breaks too hard, you can really get your whiplash to last for good after you hit it.


30. Lugging in luxury

What a great use for a Porche.

If you can afford the car and the big TV, why can’t you just spring for delivery?

It truly boggles the mind.

31. The ultimate

This is amazing – in the worst way, of course. Putting a car in the back of your pickup so that it rides this low to the ground is bound to create some sparks.

And we don’t know about you, but we like to keep the fire off the road.


32. Idiots in action

If you’re waiting for them to come to their senses, be prepared to wait a while. Like forever.

This is proof that people really do think this kind of thing is going to work, even though it’s clear that it isn’t.


33. Scratch and dent

This is an awesome way to damage an item before you even get it home.

At least they secured it, though it needs a red flag on the end to draw people’s attention.

Do you think that when it doesn’t work after being jostled so much that they’ll call the store to complain?


34. Rearview

That rear view is in HD – and yet totally obscured at the same time.

One commenter said:

“I work at BestBuy, and this is a common problem.”


35. It’s really a wood roof

Sun roof? Moon roof? No way, it’s a wood roof.

All the coolest cars have them.

And you can tell they’re taking really good care of this set of wheels by the hearts they painted on the hood.

36. Yet another genius

People who own pickup trucks weighed in on this one in the comments, giving us some insight into why most people don’t just lend out their trucks to friends for jobs like this.

It turns out big item buyers aren’t just stingy with their shipping – they think $5 is enough to pay for the favor even to their own pals!


37. Home Depot, where the fools go

Bless the people who work at Home Depot, who probably say a little prayer every time they see a genius like this leave the parking lot.

But, hey, maybe they’re somehow secured inside the car.

If not, they’re going to get one wicked splinter as it goes flying out of their grip on a hard right-hand turn.


38. The classic Honda Civic maneuver

Seriously, it’s always someone in a Civic or something even smaller.

How do they think this is going to end up working?

We can only hope it’s a short ride home.


39. Sporty!

For those times when you like your potential for manslaughter to be sporty, we present you with this photo.

We don’t know what’s in the bags, but it hardly matters.

We’re sure fellow drivers will get to find out if one of them tumbles off and spills all over the road.


40. Contestant #3

It looks like we have another entry into the car jousting competition. And this person is coming with one heck of a weapon!

Once it slides out in one piece, it’s bound to splay out at the other end like some kind of horrific, angry road octopus.

Definitely not the last thing you want to see.

41. Fitness? How about fittin’ this in your car first?

Ah, yes, this person is the pinnacle of healthy living. We can tell already.

Kudos for the attempt to make a lifestyle change.

We just hope everyone makes it home in one piece first – especially the folks with the bad luck to drive behind them.


42. Bro…c’mon

Duuuude. Bad idea.

We know you think all the ladies are going to be checking out your Audi convertible – it’s nice.

It’s also a stupid thing to bring to pick up a kayak.

How are you even going to get that thing to the lake on days you want to take it out?


43. Lesser sins

Ok, this isn’t so bad. But might we remind everyone that chairs DO come apart?

In fact, it’s pretty easy to slide off that bottom piece and tuck it into your backseat.

And wouldn’t that be safer than having it come off…well, literally anywhere else?


44. Jed Clampett’s second trip

Maybe the Clampetts did go back for a second trip.

We sure hope that whoever has to sleep on that mattress doesn’t have any outdoor allergies.

And are those chairs stacked ON TOP?!


45. Where the other half of your car?

Don’t you hate it when you forget half your car?

Seriously, this is the smallest car we’ve ever seen. And it would be one thing if you were trying to pack a bunch of clowns into it.

But who decides they can transport ANYTHING, much less all this in such a shorty?

46. You’ve got to be kidding

We’re speechless. Truly. Is it the dumbest thing we’ve ever seen? Well, no. But it’s up there because there are SO many better options.

It’s just a tree. Wrap up the bottom with that towel so the dirt stays put and get it in your car.

On the off chance he gets it home in one piece, we’re pretty sure he’s going to lose all the leaves.


47. Moo-vin’ right along

Poor Bessie.

She knows she’s riding with an idiot – there’s just nothing she can do about it.

Hopefully, those pleading eyes got someone to call the police, because this has to be illegal in more than one way.


48. It happens every day

Another day, another person trying to fit a 60+ inch TV in the back of their car.

It’s nice of them to leave the door on the driver’s side open. That way they can really make sure they obscure their blind spot.

Then again, passing this person is a pretty bad idea anyway.


49. It’s electric

Extention cords were not meant for this kind of work. Neither were tiny trunks.

But hey, at least they’ve got that cord going through their beck doors AND managed to close them.

How much do you wanna bet this is the same kind of genius who thinks the cord can still be plugged in and used after this fiasco?


50. Inflated sense of intelligence

It’s not the most dangerous move, but it’s very possibly one of the dumbest.

That’s because…well, we probably don’t need to tell you.

But in case you’re the kind of person who is heading off to Home Depot for some lumber in your Mini Cooper, let us just enlighten you. These deflate. Easily.

There’s no reason to have this potentially flying act of involuntary manslaughter shoddily attached to the back of your vehicle.

A giant pink flamingo is the last thing anyone wants to see before they hit a tree while trying to swerve out of its way in shock.


Much of the time, our bone-headed moves affect no one but us.

But add a car to that and you’ve got a whole other can of worms.

Just remember, sometimes it’s worth it to pay for delivery.

It sure beats paying a lawyer if someone gets hurt.

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2. A not-so-comfortable evening dress

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3. When you accidentally stepped on something

This is actually a good pair of shoes if you always walk on mud or dirt. You won’t have to worry about cleaning your shoes. Plus, its design can work as camouflage for when you accidentally stepped on your dog’s poo.

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4. Undecided

Will you give up or will you never give up? Well, it’s a good shirt to wear if you still can’t decide. At least, you’re letting other people know where you stand.

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5. The letter “G”

There’s nothing wrong with being gay. However, if you are seriously working on showing support to your team, you might want to find another way to do that.

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6. Wrong idea

For an introvert, you might find this shirt uncomfortable. It’s like whoever designed it clearly doesn’t know what introverts are like.

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7. The crotch

The crotch on these pants doesn’t look like it’s intentionally designed that way. Otherwise, why is it totally misaligned?

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8. Lost

Is this in New York or is this in London? I guess the designer is quite as confused as we are.

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9. Your Saturday sweater

This sweater’s design is actually cute. Just make sure you don’t pull it taut like that or else, Saturday becomes Turd day.

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10. At a candy shop

This is a children’s shirt in a candy shop. It might look harmless but the sexual connotations are quite disturbing.

Source: Reddit

11. The irony

The way this shirt is marketed is quite confusing. Should you not iron it because it doesn’t look wrinkly or should you not iron it because it’s designed to look wrinkled?


Source: Reddit

12. The saggy bunny ears

There could have been a better spot for those bunny ears. The way they are sagging at those points looks a bit weird.


Source: Reddit

13. When you want to look sick

Even if your favorite color is purple, I don’t think you should get these tights. They can make you look like you’re covered in bruises.


Source: Reddit

14. No, thanks.

This is probably not the best design to have on your swimsuit. Apart from that it’s a children’s character, the theme creates a different connotation.


Source: Reddit

15. A practical jacket?

This jacket’s design is a bit spooky. It’s like something you’d wear if you’re planning to rob a bank or if you’re aiming to look like a snowman.


Source: Reddit

16. Is that even a donut?

Without the label, no one would think that it’s a donut. It looks more like someone’s backside.


Source: Reddit

17. Buy what?

You’ll have to take a closer look for you to actually understand what this shirt is trying to say. The image at the bottom is a glass and the text is supposed to mean “shot”.


Source: Reddit

18. That “part”

The dress would look nicer if the bottom part wasn’t designed that way. It forms something you can only find in men.


Source: Reddit

19. Nothing sexual here.

This is a wrestling patch. Despite what it looks like, there’s nothing sexual there.


Source: Reddit

20. The popping shoes

These shoes can make it easier and safer for you to walk on smooth surfaces. The only issue is the popping sound they make with each step.


Source: Reddit

21. Just spell it

Using images to replace a letter can make a design look extra nice. However, you just have to make sure that the image actually looks like the letter. Otherwise, you’ll end up making something like this one.


Source: Reddit

22. Look closely

This shirt is empowering. I’m just hoping that whoever made it counted the fingers before releasing it.


Source: Reddit

23. Quite distracting

There are dresses that shouldn’t be worn during formal interviews. This is one of those dresses.


Source: Reddit

24. Crappy design

If you ever pooped on yourself by accident, this is the dress that’ll save your day. On a regular day, however, I think it’s best to avoid this dress and this design.


Source: Reddit

25. What if you missed the front?

If you are going to issue a warning, it’s best to keep it all in one area. That way, you won’t look like you are actually encouraging a negative behavior like this one.


Source: Reddit

26. It’s not what you think.

If you’re going to wear a shirt with beads on, think twice about wearing a jacket over it. You might end up looking like this and it’s awkward.


Source: Bored Panda

27. Hood on or off

This is the type of jacket you wouldn’t want to wear with the hood off. It sends the wrong message if you don’t put the hood on.


Source: Reddit

28. Emo?

Back then, this look was a hit among teenagers. Now, it’s something a lot of adults regret and it’s not hard to see why.


Source: Reddit

29. Not edgy

This look would have been better if she colored her hair completely. With just a few colored areas, it looked weird and awful. It’s like someone spilled paint on her head.


Source: Reddit

30. All black

In theory, wearing black will make you look slimmer and classier. I guess this photo proves that theory wrong.


Source: Reddit

31. Those eyes

Wearing a black eyeliner used to be a hit among teenage boys before. It’s a good thing that the phase ended already.


Source: Reddit

32. When you can’t decide which hairstyle to wear for the day

This hairstyle is quite confusing. It’s like she can’t decide if she wanted dreadlocks or straight hair. It’s a good thing her hair and shirt match.


Source: Reddit

33. The 2000 glam

This photo summarizes the fashion trend of 2000. Those glossy lips, orange glasses, and twisted hair are just on point.


Source: Reddit

34. Those eyebrows and lips

It looked like this guy got confused about colors. Pink should go on the lips and black should go on the eyebrows- not


Source: Reddit

35. Every single day

Back in 2003, this guy used to leave the house looking like this. It’s a good thing that it’s 2020 now.


Source: Reddit

36. In love with bracelets

This 15-year-old had an immense love of pony bead bracelets. He’s nearly filled his entire arm and neck with them.


Source: Reddit

37. They thought they were cool.

There are so many things going on with these kids’ styles. From their hairstyles to their jackets and pants, it’s a good thing everything’s over now.


Source: Reddit

38. Her formal wear

Believe it or not, this kid wasn’t going to a Madonna concert. This was her outfit for the father-daughter church dance in her area.


Source: Reddit

39. Those baggy pants

Almost everyone in the 90s used to wear those baggy pants. They weren’t just cool back then but they’re quite comfortable, too.


Source: Reddit

40. Recycled dress

This wasn’t a phase. She just decided that it was a good idea to wear a dress made of trash bags and duct tapes.


Source: Reddit

41. White face

This woman has just discovered white face powder. It certainly took her style to a whole new level.


Source: Reddit

42. New male fashion

It’s hard to determine what the designer of this shirt is trying to achieve. This new male fashion certainly looks weird.


Source: Reddit

43. Would you wear it?

This shirt looks like it has been cut in half and sewn together without checking the alignment of the stripes. Intentional or not, it’s hard to believe that anyone would buy it.


Source: Reddit

44. Wrong orientation

Ariana Grande would have been proud of this shirt, if only her face wasn’t printed upside down.


Source: Reddit

45. A sweater for kids

Someone didn’t think hard while designing this. It looks more like “hell” instead of “hello”.


Source: Reddit

46. The new fashion

These hats prove that in today’s fashion, stains and tears are cool. You won’t have to worry about keeping your hats clean anymore.


Source: Reddit

47. This is high fashion.

It’s hard to understand why someone would buy this sweater. It’s even harder to understand why a sweater in this condition would cost nearly a thousand dollars.


Source: Reddit

48. Crazy expensive shoes

These shoes seriously looked like they’ve been picked up from the garbage can. You can clearly see hot glue and duct tape on it!


Source: Reddit

49. When fashion makes no sense

Sometimes, it’s hard to understand fashion. It can be as confusing as this zipper that has no pocket.


Source: Reddit

50. Speechless.

These pants are crazy. They are painful not just in the eyes but in the brain, too.


Source: Reddit

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