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9-1-1 Operators Share The Funniest Things Kids Who Didn’t Quite Understand ‘Emergency’ Called In For



When is the right time to teach your kids about when to call 9-1-1? We may start as early as 2 years old or maybe wait for them to be a little bit more matured to fully understand how 9-1-1 works. We may have different opinions but we all have to agree that it is a very important lesson.

This emergency line has saved many lives and is continuing to do so. That’s why it’s very important that our kids learn when to call and to know how to distinguish “emergency” from not-so-important matters.

We do have to agree that there can be many incidents of children calling 9-1-1 and even though they are being thought of the importance of the emergency line, we can’t help but admit that they are all funny!

9-1-1 operators share their funniest calls on Reddit. We’ve gathered 50 stories that are will surely brighten up your day!

1) Breakfast time

A little boy called 911 because he was hungry and needed breakfast. The operator asked him if he was alone and he said no because his sister was watching him but she was sleeping. The operator then told him he should go and wake his sister, so she can make him breakfast but the little boy didn’t want to because she was really mean. Good thing the boy’s mom was an EMT so the operator knew his family; he called his grandma and had her go take care of the breakfast crisis. Later, his mom called to apologize.

Source: idgieluvsruth

2) Fart bomb rescue

A 4-year old called 911 because his older brother farted on him. After he explained what happened, the operator was laughing too hard and had to wait a couple extra seconds before calling the number back. It was the mother who answered the phone and he had to explain what happened to her just to make sure that everything was alright. The mother was of course mortified and apologized over and over.

Source: Gjlynch22

3) A whoopie Christmas present

A six-year old girl accidentally called 911 saying that her mommy and daddy were making “whoopee”. The operator had flashbacks of Family Feud and laughed so hard. He had to wait for a couple of minutes before calling back and the mother answered. She shrugged it off and said they were just wrapping Christmas presents.

We might all wonder if that present is a new little brother or sister.

Source: neurodc

4) I just called to say I love you!

This little girl has the purest intentions. According to the operator, she called their center for more than 10 times so she could tell the 911 operators that she loved them and she appreciates them. She would always get a new operator but if she would get an operator more than once, she’d say “Nonono, I already told you! I need to tell someone else. You’re great, but they need to know they’re great, too! Okay, I love you, bye!”
Ain’t she the sweetest?

Source: datangeldoe

5) Requesting a vegetarian, please!

Operator asked the little kid who called what is the emergency. The little kid answered that he needed a “vegetarian”. Confused, the operator asked the kid again, still the little kid said “vegetarian”. He then said that his dog was sick. That’s the only time the operator understood what the kid meant.

He was looking for a Veterinarian. So the operator explained that that 911 was for human emergencies.

Source: IAmA_Dispatcher

6) Please save Steve!

A little girl called because she was giving her pet lizard a bath and it went down the drain. She called 911 crying telling that Steve was drowning and had gone down the drain. By the time the dispatcher figured out that Steve was a house gecko the police and fire department were already pulling in.
We’re still wondering if Steve made it.

Source: Shrimpheavennow227

7) Daddy took his hard-earned Trick or Treat candies.

A four year old boy called in to say that his daddy took his trick or treat candies. Apparently, he took them because he was planning to ration it out and didn’t want his kid to eat them all in a single night.

Source: markko79

8) Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

On a Saturday morning about 7 am, a mom was “sleeping in” and her 2-year old son called 911 because he wanted breakfast. The mom didn’t know what happened until a Sheriff was already knocking on their front door doing a welfare check.

Source: 2muchinxs

9) In ‘N Out Burger problems

So, a sister called 911 because she wanted her ‘problem’ fixed. She and her brother wanted the same In ‘N Out Burger. Sender mentions that they all had 4 identical burgers, but they just wanted the ‘same’ one. The police came to their house after the call and gave them a lecture about real emergencies. Their mom came home in the middle of the lecture and we all have an idea what her reaction was.

Source: aryaazar78

10) A little chat about fortnite

One operator shared his favorite call from an 11-year old boy who was walking home from school and got lost. He called because he panicked, so the operator told him to stay where he was until the officers arrived. Since no officers were available for another 30 minutes, he needed to stay on the line with the boy and they spent the next half hour chatting about fortnite.

Source: Thirty_Two

11) Dear 911

When this mom got a job as a 911 operator, she happily shared the news with her kids. The next day, one of her sons called 911 just to tell ‘mom’ bout his day.


Source: needsmoremayo

12) Big brother won’t let him watch “The Simpsons”

A little boy calls 911 because his brother won’t let him watch The Simpsons. The boy told the police that his brother was being really mean to him and their parents got a callback. This led to a very interesting conversation.

13) We are all safe and alive

A little boy called 911 just to let them know that nobody in the house was “dead”. Alarmed, the police wanted to speak to the child’s parents but the little boy insisted that they don’t need to because “no one is dead”.
The operator called back and was relieved to know that they were all okay and alive – as promised by the little boy.


Source: Nickemjay

14) Where is the old man?

Every toddler is a handful, just like this 17-month old baby boy. While his mom was cooking, he somehow dialed the emergency line, though mom didn’t really think that the call went through.

Fourteen minutes later the police came and were looking for
“an old man who might have fallen down”. Apparently, the emergency line operator had asked several questions, but the only response she had gotten was labored, heavy breathing that she thought was an old man who was in need of help.

After figuring out what happened, the kid met the police officers and one of them just said, “Yeah, that’d be the perp. Look at the guilty look on his face.”


Source: ElusiveAoide

15) Craving for some Doritos

A 12-year old boy was home alone and was apparently bored so he called 911 and asked them to “Tell daddy to bring Doritos when he comes home”.
His dad was a State Trooper but the real question here is if he did bring home Doritos.


Source: UniqueUser5286

16) Wrong number

About 10 years ago, a preteen girl accidentally called 911 while dialing her friend’s number which also has 9 and 1 minus the area code. As soon as she realized the mistake, she dropped the call and didn’t tell anyone.
This action seemed suspicious to the operator so they sent someone to the girl’s home. At the exact same time, the girl’s aunt was leaving so the police followed her and pulled her out of the driveway.
Everything was cleared out and all the people involved already got a good laugh.


Source: ThatguyfromMichigan

17) Itsy Bitsy Call

A 911 dispatcher once had a call consisting of several toddlers all singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider together. Now, this is definitely one cute call. We’re all wondering how he responded.


Source: taoshka

18) What’s for dinner?

A little boy called 911 because he didn’t like his dinner. They were having fish and he told the dispatcher that his mom was forcing him to eat fish for dinner. They promptly called back and it was the mom who answered this time and well, ever since, the child no longer complained about having fish for dinner.


Source: Greysisbae

19) Free concert

This guy was so busy planting flowers that he didn’t notice he pocket dialed 911. An officer shows up at the man’s house and good thing everything was cleared out.

The guy said that he didn’t know how much of his improvised singing about planting flowers they all heard.

As it turns out, this guy also pocket-dialed the phone numbers of his ex-girlfriend, boss, his best friend, and his old boss. They all tried to contact him back to ask why he was singing.

Pretty embarrassing and funny at the same time.


Source: OwMyCandle

20) Some Debbie snacks please

A 7-year old boy thought that his dad’s phone number was 911 since he works in law enforcement so, one day, he called and asked if he can get one of his little Debbie snacks and to tell him about the planets since his dad loves space.
When the kid was asked who his father was, he was radioed but was unavailable because he was working a fatality. Instead, one of the patrol offices shows up and tells the kid’s mom that her son called 911.
The patrol officer also told the little boy that he can have some Debbie snacks. The father thought it was the cutest mistake – ever.


Source: SimplyWINEing

21) Just 20 minutes alone

The dispatcher receives a call and there’s a second of giggling then the phone disconnects. As with all hang ups, the operator calls back.
A child answers with a hello, and the dispatcher said his spiel, then the child drops the call.
He tried calling back again when a very tired sounding man answers. The operator says his spiel once again and the distraught man denies that he called 911.
After explaining what happened, he shouts the names of his children and asked them about the “call”. Of course, they said no but when daddy told them that the police are on the phone, the operator heard aloud gasp!
“John did it daddy! I told him not to! I can’t go to jail!” She ratted him out immediately. As it turns out poor daddy was home sick with the flu. Mom had run to the store thinking they’d be fine 20 minutes watching TV.


Source: krisphoto

22) Bikini Bottom call

“Emergency 911. What’s the location of your emergency?”

“Is this the Krusty Krab?” (kids laughing in the background)

“No this is Patrick” (hangs up)

This 911 operator sure knows how to respond.


Source: Lvazquez1120

23) A Total misunderstanding

A kid around 3 or 4 years old woke up after a nap and mommy was out for a jog. Daddy on the other hand was outside doing some yard work.

Little kid decides to call 911 and said that he can’t find mommy anywhere!

Operator asks where is the kid’s father and he responded that his dad was outside digging a big whole.

In no time, police came knocking at their door and didn’t leave until Mommy came back.


Source: HaitianDisney

24) Where’s my grandma?

A little girl decided to call 911 so she can look for her grandmother. This little girl thought that 911 was her granny’s cell so after a few minutes of talking with the operator, they asked her if there were adults in the house.
She went up and asked her mom who was then taking a shower about the police calling and was looking for her grandma.
Well, the kid was grounded from using the phone after.


Source: jpatty1396

25) Concerned about mommy

A young boy around 3 years old called 911 because his mommy “wasn’t moving”.

In no time, two EMT and a cop were knocking at the door and were asking questions. Turned out that mommy dearest was just having a “nap” and little boy didn’t know what that was.
Good thing, the boy’s older brother was there to explained what happened.


Source: Paretio

26) Not too loud!

A worried kid called in because he thought that his daddy was hurting his poor mommy. The kid told the operator that all he could hear was heavy breathing in the bedroom, and what he said sounded like crying.
In no time, units arrive on scene and well, you’ve guessed it right. It was just his parents making the kid a little sibling.
The mother was mortified with embarrassment while explaining.


Source: SeventhCircles

27) What happened to Barney?

A little girl was having a great time and was enjoying her brother’s 5th birthday with Barney the dinosaur theme. Apparently, it was their uncle who was under the suit and he wanted to cool off so he went to the bedroom and took the suit off.
The Barney costume came in sections so when the little girl came inside the room, she was horrified to see Barney in pieces, scattered all over the floor. She called 911 and said that Barney has been murdered and was in pieces in the bedroom.
Helicopter, swat team, and many police officers arrived at the scene of the crime a.k.a big brother’s birthday party to find Barney the dinosaur in the room.


Source: dangitmorty

28) Woke up confused

One afternoon, a little kid had a nap and woke up around 7pm. As an anxious child, he thought it was 7am and he panicked when he can’t find his mom and sister.

He assumed that they were dead, so he called 911. All the involved people weren’t thrilled.


Source: jerkin_on_jakku

29) He took it literally

A young kid called in and reported that their butts were on fire.
Turns out, he didn’t quite understand how their butts were on fire (because of the friction) because they were sliding down a carpeted stair.


Source: That_Guy97

30) A little out of control

This kid who was around 5 years old was playing with all of his toys and made a huge mess so his dad told him to clean all his toys.

The little boy refused and they got into a little discussion and he thought it was appropriate to ask someone to side by him by calling 911.

He reported how his father made him do things that he didn’t want to do.
Which definitely looks like he is reporting some sexual assault incident and this prompted the police to come and visit.

Things were settled but the authorities still recommended that they get help from a social worker.


Source: Lykwid2x

31) Deep river

A kindergartner called 911 to report that their older brother and sister jumped into a river and drowned themselves. The Police of course arrived to the river and it was a drainage ditch no more than 2 feet deep.


Source: redditforlu

32) Brilliant idea

This kid wanted to check how real 911 is. She just learned it in kindergarten and was excited to try it out. Luckily, she had a brilliant idea!
She used a payphone thinking it wouldn’t go through but to her surprise, she saw two fire trucks and some cops in her school.


Source: dlynes12

33) Concerned toddler

A little girl around 3 or 4 years old wondered if 911 had enough ambulances, so she decided to call them and ask.
Maybe, this cute little girl thought that she can help them if ever they didn’t have enough units.
Mommy was shocked to receive a very interesting call from the operator afterwards.
Adorable and funny!


Source: kim_ctv

34) Future police officer

Kid called 911 saying he shot his dog. The operator asked him where his parents were and got the reply that they were on the porch.

So, the operator then asked if his parents heard the gun and the little boy just said no, he added that it doesn’t make any sound when it squirts’.

The operator instructed the kid to call his pet dog and afterwards, all he can hear was a happy kid.

Turns out, this kid has a very smart and trained dog that can play dead when a toy gun is pointed at him. After calling back on the kid’s parents, the operator found out that this little boy wants to be a police officer.

They got invited over, the kid made an apology drawing. Up until today, the drawing is still on the fridge of the station, waiting for him to grow up and become a cop and see his own drawing every day 😉


Source: soepremacy

35) Dreams do come true

This kid remembers having a vivid dream of calling 911, but the operator couldn’t understand anything she was saying.
That morning, her father went inside her room and said that something really weird happened to him last night.
To his surprise, she cut him off and said that something weird happened to her as well.
She told her dad the story and then the father simply said:

“The weird thing that happened to me is that cops showed up at our house at 5 AM!”


Source: mismatched7

36) Guns in the lounge

This little boy who was staying at his grandfather’s house has been playing with nerf guns. Somehow, he found the house phone and dialed the emergency number and told the operator that “there were guns in the lounge”

Since there are very strict gun laws in New Zealand, Granddad didn’t realize what happened until a few cops showed up in bullet proof vests to search the property.


Source: sl0wl0rris

37) Batman’s murder mystery

A little boy called 911 because his older brother tore the head off his Batman figurine. The cops showed up and realized what really happened but since they were already there, they took statements from each kid, and presented the evidence to the parents to let them decide on a corrective action. Everyone had good laugh about it.


Source: One_of_the_Last

38) In case there’s a fire

As a part of the Fire department drill, students were instructed what to do in case they see smoke or fire. This kid heard that when he sees smoke, he should grab a phone, call 911 and get on the floor and roll.

The kid came home that day and his mom was taking a batch of burnt cookies out of the oven, immediately, he ran to the phone, called 911, and got on the floor and began rolling.

His mom was confused and took the phone.


Source: EterniumInfinitum

39) Steamy cows

A kid apparently decided to call 911 because the cows in their area had steam coming out of their noses. Alarmed, he asked the operator about what happened.
It’s just one of the days where Wisconsin temperature are too low.


Source: carrieella1

40) Mommy is a shooter

A little boy called 911 and told the operator that his mommy was shooting at them and that she had a gun.

What really happened was the two boys were playing nerf gun with mommy and she wasn’t going easy on them. Everything was cleared out and they got a good laugh about the story.


Source: jedi21knight

41) The brother who didn’t snore

A little boy got anxious when his older brother, who was watching him didn’t “snore”. He got so used to him snoring loudly that he thought his brother had died.
He called the police and when he saw them in front of their door, he began singing:
“bad boys bad boys whatchu gonna do, whatchu gonna do when they come for you,” while jumping up and down.


Source: hhurdd

42) Lots of asteroids

A 4-year boy got alarmed and called 911 to report an asteroid was about to fall on the neighbor’s house.
It was 4th July and he was seeing fireworks and has mistaken them for asteroids.


Source: Fluffygoddess

43) His little baby sister

This little boy had a favorite Christmas tree ornament he called his baby sister. When his mom took down the tree and put all the Christmas decorations away he called 911 and reported that she put his ‘baby sister’ in a box in the basement.
The police came to investigate and his mom was pretty upset.


Source: Grimm-Bones

44) No excuses

This kid didn’t like it when his parents told him to do his homework and to stop making excuses.

So the little boy couldn’t find a pencil and was so scared that he called 911 sobbing.

“My parents will kill me!”

A dispatcher came and gave the little boy a pencil along with a business card for his parents. We all know what came in afterwards.


Source: geekyoldrob

45) Where’s the pizza?

A 5-year old boy really wanted to order pizza but since the only number he knew was 911, he tried to order his cravings.
A cop came to his house and the little boy cried not because his parents were angry but because he doesn’t understand why there was no ‘pizza’!


Source: pastemaker1

46) Mommy’s shower rescue

This little boy dialed 911 just to let the operator know that mommy is in the shower. It was the perfect sound logic for a toddler but for the operator, this meant that the mom had an accident.
The mommy had the shock of her life when she heard the police trying to break the door down to come in and rescue her. We all know this kid wouldn’t have access to any phones after this.


Source: WoopsieDaisiee

47) Potty trained

The little boy called 911 to tell them know that he went ‘poop’ on the potty!
We’re pretty sure everyone was happy for his success!


Source: Anonymous

48) Scary poop scooper

So this big brother chased his little brother whild holding a poop scooper. It looked like a shovel with a mouth so it was a bit scary for a toddler. The little boy panicked and “fake dialed” the police saying that his older brother was chasing him and is going to kill him.
In no time, the officers were at his doorstep. His dad and the officers gave them a lecture.


Source: Tandee97

49) Ride horses together

The operator received a call from a little girl named Ariel, who just turned 4 and called 911 to ask (repeatedly) if the operator can ride horses with her.
When the mom found out, she was so embarrassed but we have to admit that it’s too adorable!


Source: CXLVII

50) Murder most fowl!

A little girl was so upset when her grandmother killed a chicken for dinner. She decided to call 911 to report a murder and when they all found out that it was a chicken – they all had a good laugh.


Source: merbugon

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